My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

The Pursuit: Day 3

on March 7, 2012

I was scheduled for 2 miles today, so set my alarm for 6:10, but once again, woke up before it went off.  I seriously think that my mind is so excited thinking about what my daily blog will be, that it’s going into overdrive while I sleep and waking me up so I can get started sooner.  Hopefully my mind realizes quickly that although it is raring to go at 5:40am, my body is not, and chooses to stay in bed all warm and cozy until it’s time for the alarm to go off.  I’m hoping this all gets sorted out tonight and I can sleep right until it’s actually time to get up…although, tomorrow I’m scheduled for 3 miles, so I’ll need to get up about 10 minutes earlier so I finish up with enough time to get ready for work.

Anyways, back to the 2 mile run.  I had my next episode of New Girl cued up on the iPad, and off I went.  I was actually finished the 2 miles before the show was over, so dropped down to a cool down walk to finish the show.  The run was good.  Once again, I didn’t hate it – which is good progress from the last time I tried to start running again.  It wouldn’t say it was easy, and I would have loved to stop a few times, but I just kept repeating to myself “I am a runner, I am a runner….” over and over and I could feel my steps get lighter, my stride a bit longer and before I knew it, I was done.  Day 3 complete!

There was no additional core workout today, so the 2 miles was all I was required to do.  I was all set to have a nice, lazy night on the couch but I decided to join a friend of mine, Toni, at hot yoga.  She has been raving for a few months now about how great it is, how fantastic she feels after, and how she just loves it.  So, I took the bait and went with her to a 6:30 hot yoga class.  I am not a yoga person.  I’ve never really done a class and certainly had never done a hot yoga class.  Toni tried to prepare me for how I might feel in the class, doing the poses and dealing with the heat.  She was all very positive, yet I was still pretty nervous about doing it.  The first thing you notice when you walk in the studio is the heat.  It is hot in there, for sure!  and it was awesome…I loved being warm right from the start.  We took our places and did a few warm up stretches, well she did, and I pretty much just copied what she was doing and then lay down to enjoy the heat.  The instructor came in, asked if anyone was new, and then came over to give me a few words of advice and told me to really listen to my body, it would tell me when it needed a break, or a drink, or a brief minute out of the heat.

The class started with us lying on our mats, trying to get our whole body to relax, from our eyes, our ears, our foreheads and every body part down to finally our toes.  The instructor kept telling us to “find the space between our thoughts”.  Well, I have no idea what that means, but I  do know that every time she said that, my mind did the exact opposite and starting thinking about so many things at once.  It wasn’t until we got into the poses and moving from position to position that my mind stopped thinking about anything else and really just listened to my body.  And my body was telling me that it loves hot yoga!  The stretches all felt so good, I was more flexible than I expected to be, I sweat like I have never sweat before (which was awesome!), and I was able to do the entire class with the exception of one crazy pose where you twisted yourself into a pretzel and then stood on one foot.  That one, was beyond me!  Lots of others in the class were also not able to do it, so I didn’t feel like a complete loser 🙂  After the crazy pose, it was time for the “cool down” stretches and more relaxation to end the class.  The final stretches felt so good.  I’m not very good at stretching after my runs, so it was great to get some good quality stretching for my muscles.  Of course, all during this stretch/cool down time, the instructor was once again talking about finding the space between your thoughts, and that’s exactly when my mind started racing about all the other stuff going on in my life!  Figures!  Oh well, I still loved it and I will definitely go again and try to work it into my new healthier, more active lifestyle.

I think this is the crazy pose that I couldn’t do. If it is, it’s called Bird of Paradise.  Looking at it, it doesn’t seem so complicated, but you start bent over with your hands on the floor in front of you, then you reach between your legs with one hand, grab your other hand that is behind your back, sort of resting on your butt, and then simply pick your leg up and balance.  Well, in theory that’s what I was supposed to do, but it did not happen.  I got close, but once I was pretzled (I’m pretty sure that’s the technical yoga term!), I couldn’t lift my foot off the floor.  Hopefully if I get to go regularly I will be able to triumph over the Bird of Paradise!

So, day 3 is done and I’m still psyched about training.  I may not be a bird of paradise, but I AM A RUNNER!  See you tomorrow!


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