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It’s Rest Day, Rest Day, Rest Day!!!

on March 9, 2012

I can’t tell you how much I love that Friday is a rest day on the training schedule!    That was some seriously great planning by Trish Blackwell who created the app that I’m using as my training guide for this half marathon. Everything about the app is fantastic. Your should check it out: “Couch to Half Marathon” at the App Store. She also has a great blog with lots of inspirational quotes and other exercises to help keep you on track for your fitness goals.  See for yourself at

I had lots to do at work and errands to run today to get ready to take off and go skiing next week with a big group of friends and family.  We are heading to Okemo Mountain and the whole family it super excited.  This will be our 5th year going, and there are others in our group who have been going almost twice that long.  We have such a good time and I can’t wait to hit the slopes for some great skiing and snowboarding next week.  119 runs, 632 acres of terrain, 2,200 vertical feet, and endless fun!

I decided last year that I would learn to snowboard.  I’ve been a skier since I was a kid and wanted to be a little more challenged at the small hill where the kids take lessons over the winter. I took a lesson last year while we were at Okemo, which turned out to be a private lesson since I was the only member in the group (bonus!!), and by the end of the day, I could make my way to the bottom of the hill, staying in control and not killing myself or anyone else!  This year I have only snowboarded and I’ve improved significantly, but still have a long ways to go before I catch up to my kids! I’m excited to see how I do on a real mountain.  I haven’t had my skis on this year, so I’m looking forward to strapping the boards on as well.  We will be tearing it up and shredding it Okemo style by Sunday afternoon.

This trip does pose a bit of a challenge to me…fitting my training runs in while on vacation.  It’s hard enough to get motivated to run at home, so I’m a bit worried about getting all my runs in while away.  i should be able to do tomorrow’s 2 miles before we leave.  It’s Sunday’s that will be the toughest to get in.  We will still be travelling, then arriving at the hill mid day, skiing for the afternoon, checking into the condo late day, then groceries and settling in.  Hopefully while hubby hits the grocery store, I will be able to either hit the road or the treadmill in the resort gym to log the 3.5 miles that are on the schedule.  Next week should be okay, with runs scheduled for Tues/Wed/Thurs that I should be able to fit in.  It will be the Saturday run that is the complicated one as we will still be travelling.  Hopefully we make good time and I can hit the treadmill for 2.5 miles when we get back home.

At this point, I’m not 100% sure I will get all these runs in.  I have no idea how my legs will feel after skiing/boarding all day. I will just play it by ear and if I have to walk some of the miles, that will be okay. It’s more important that the miles get covered…it doesn’t matter how fast they are.

All right…I’ve got to get packing. I’m hoping that in addition to getting all my runs in while away, I will also be able to keep up with my blog.  I’m enjoying writing it.  Hopefully some of you out there are enjoying reading it!

Happy Friday, I mean Rest Day!


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