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My journey to a smaller jean size

Do the Mashed Potato

on March 12, 2012

After a very successful start to my day (completing yesterday’s missed training run), it was off to the slopes to get as many runs in before the bright sunshine and ridiculously warm temperatures turned the snow to that dreaded mashed potato consistency.  Unfortunately it didn’t take long for that to happen.  Yet, we were troopers and skied like mad before lunch, knowing that this afternoon would be even worse.

After lunch, I switched from skis to my snowboard thinking it would be easier to tackle the poor conditions on a board as opposed to my skis (I was wrong!).  I headed out to take a few easy runs with my son, who also switched to his board for the afternoon.  We went all the way to the top of the mountain to take a nice easy run called Tuckered Out.  It was brutal. The snow was so slow that I got stopped a few times and had to unbuckle and walk a bit to a steeper part of the hill.  I am still just learning to board and this was such a workout moving in this wet, sticky, clumpy snow.  We had planned to take a few runs, but by the time we got down once, both of us decided that Tuckered Out had tuckered us out and that we should just sit on the patio and enjoy some sunshine for the rest of the afternoon.  We made the right decision….sitting and chillin’ in the sun was exactly what we needed.

I am getting quite the goggle tan, but everyone else around has one too, so I don’t look too silly.  Next week when I’m back to work and client meetings, I’m sure I will look quite ridiculous!

Plan for the rest of the night is dinner, hot tub, beer and bed.  I’ve got to get up early tomorrow and run 2 miles before I hit the slopes.  Tomorrow is also a core day, which should fun.

I’m trying to eat fairly healthy this week, not going overboard with the snacks, but I’m caving in on the beer.  It just tastes so good after a hard day on the slopes.  I figure between my training runs first thing in the morning and skiing/snowboarding most of the day, I’m burning through a few calories and have earned a few nice cold beers as a reward.  Besides, this IS a vacation, so I’m allowed to indulge a bit, no?


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