My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

Another Beautiful Day

on March 14, 2012

We are on day 5 of our ski vacation and it was another fantastic day on the slopes.  The warm weather is starting to take a real toll on the mountain.  When we arrived there were 104 runs open…at the end of today, there were 86.  It’s almost as though you can see the snow disappearing as you ride up the chair lift.  Regardless we are still having a great time.


I have been getting lots of exercise with all the skiing/snowboarding and my legs have been getting quite the workout, so I decided to give myself the day off from training today.  I came on vacation fully expecting not to make all my training runs, but managed to do pretty well sticking to the schedule, so figured I would give the legs a bit of a break and skip today’s 2 mile run….and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it.  It was so nice to get to bed last night and not keep thinking about getting up early to run.  The extra hour of sleep was fantastic!  Now the tricky part will be to get back on track tomorrow and run the scheduled 3 miles.  Tomorrow is also a cross training day, which I’m pretty sure I’ve got covered with the skiing/boarding.

Along with the exercise, I have also been trying to watch what I’m eating this week and I think I’ve been doing fairly well.  I have been limiting the sugar and carbs, and watching my portion size.  I’ve had a few beer each day as we come off the hill, which probably isn’t great, but it is a vacation, so I don’t feel too guilty about it!

I guess I will see how this all nets out when I get back home and have a chance to step on the scale.  I usually weigh myself every day, so going this long without knowing is driving me a bit crazy.  I know lots of people say you shouldn’t do that, but I like to know where I stand each day.  It helps me get back on track if things get moving in the wrong direction.  It also keeps me motivated when things start to go in the right direction.  According to my iPad “My Fitness Pal” app, I am burning up calories like mad with my skiing and snowboarding, so hopefully I won’t be too unhappy with the number when I see it on my scale on Sunday morning.

Is anyone else using the My Fitness Pal app or website?  I’m loving it.  It is such a great way to track what you eat, exercise and weigh.  The database of foods is amazing and with the iPad version, you can scan in a bar code and the exact food and all its nutritional information comes up.  I’m not sure I believe the calorie burn it’s giving me for skiing/snowboarding, but the calories it tells me I burn during a 2 miles run match fairly closely to what my treadmill and Garmin tell me, so who knows.  If it is true, then I am definitely burning enough calories during the day to more than cover a few apres ski beers!


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