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I’m Cooking Clean!

on March 19, 2012

Today was a rest day in my training schedule…woohoo!!!  Since I didn’t have to get up and run before work, that meant a bit of a sleep in, which was desperately needed as I try to get back into the groove of work, school and all the insanity that is my daily life.

So, my main goal for the day was to cook a clean meal for dinner. During my shopping expedition on Sunday, I bought all the fixings for Guy Fieri’s Stuffed Acorn Squash from the April/May Eat Clean magazine.  It looked so good in the picture and I was actually excited to get cooking!

In good Food Network style, I did all of my prep and got everything organized and ready to go:


Ingredients included:  acorn squash, squash seeds (to be roasted and used to top finished product), turkey sausage (recipe called for making it from scratch, I cheated and just used store bought turkey sausage removed from the casing), cabbage, red pepper, yellow pepper (I didn’t have yellow, so I used green pepper instead), sweet onion, garlic, and ricotta.

The recipe was very easy to follow:  roast the squash and toast the seeds, fry the sausage, then saute the cabbage, peppers and onions, combine with the turkey, stir in some garlic and blend all the flavours.  Final step, is to stuff the squash with the turkey and veggie mixture, top with some ricotta and the seeds and broil for a few minutes until the cheese begins to melt.  The kids are not big fans of squash, so I just put theirs into a baking dish to broil.

The finished product:


And the verdict:  AMAZING!!!  it was so good.  The kids even liked it. This is recipe is definitely a keeper!

The best part of this cooking adventure might be the fact that there are leftovers!  Yummo!


2 responses to “I’m Cooking Clean!

  1. This looks yummy. I need to try this out!


  2. playfulpups says:

    When the kids like it, you know you have a winner! Great photos- might have to give this one a try! 🙂


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