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It’s Time for Pie!

on March 25, 2012

It’s Sunday and supposed to be a day or rest, yet that never seems to be the case for me!  Today’s training called for 5 miles. I was debating whether to run outside or do another treadmill run in the basement.  I thought about heading outside, but in the end, the treadmill won.  It just seemed easier to go downstairs rather than dress for running outside, find my Garmin, and deal with the hills.  So, I grabbed my iPad and headed downstairs.  I figured 5 miles was going to take me around an hour, so had to decide what to watch.  In the end I chose the movie Water for Elephants, with Reese Witherspoon and my vampire hottie, Robert Pattinson.  I hadn’t seen the movie before, so I was looking forward to watching as I ran.

The first couple of miles were great.  I was in a groove, running steady and not feeling too bad, and enjoying the movie.  I hadn’t decided what kind of run I was going to do…run straight and then take breaks when needed, or go with a 10/1 run/rest program.  If I were outside, I likely would have done the 10 & 1’s, but since I was on the treadmill and things seemed to be going well, I just kept running until I felt I needed a rest.  It turned out, I ran the first 2.25 miles straight and then walked for a couple of minutes.  After that I wasn’t able to get back into my groove and had to walk a few more times than I would have liked, and once again I didn’t break any land speed records, but I finished..and burned about 575 calories along the way…which is definitely enough to cover a piece of Chocolate Banana Freezer Pie!

So, if you’ve been following along, you know I have jumped on the Eat Clean bandwagon and so far I am really liking it.  I didn’t do any clean cooking today, but I’ve got recipes lined up for the rest of the week and I’m looking forward to trying them out.  I think tomorrow will be the Mango Mojito Chicken…my oldest has requested it!

While I didn’t cook clean today, I did do a bit of clean eating.  We finally at the pie!  It had been in the freezer overnight and we were going to my sister’s around the corner for dinner so I brought it over for everyone to try.  That sucker was frozen solid!  I would recommend taking it out a few hours before you plan to eat it.  Mine was out for a little over an hour and it was still mighty tough to slice… but it looked pretty darn good!


Overall, I’d say the pie was pretty good.  The clean crust was a bit different than a usual light flaky pie crust, being a bit more dense than I was expecting, but I got used to it.  The filling was very banana-y (if that’s a word!) and really good.  I think if the pie had been a bit more thawed it would have been better and maybe the chocolate flavour could have come out a bit more.  Next time I will definitely try to have it finished earlier in the day so it doesn’t have to be in the freezer the whole night.

Today marks the end of week 3 of my 12 week Couch to Half Marathon training program.  I made all 5 runs this week, ate healthy, and feel that when the next 9 weeks are over, I will be ready to run 13.1 miles.  I’ve trained for big runs in the past and have always seemed to peak before the race actually gets here.  Part of the reason the Couch to Half program appeals to me so much is because it is a relatively short program that I think will have me peaking at race day and not before.  My goal for the race is to finish in under 2:30.  My fastest half to date is 2:36, so I think it’s doable.

I figure there are basically 3 parts to my overall race prep:

  1. Training:  The Couch to Half app will ensure I’m reading with the training, so assuming I continue to do all the runs as programmed, I will be ready.
  2. Fuel:  Eating Clean will ensure my body is well nourished and not full of crap, and hopefully a few pounds lighter by the time race day gets here.  I’m down 6.6 pounds so far, so that’s a start!
  3. Mindset:  This is the final piece that I need to start working on.  In a way, I’m still not convinced that I am a runner.  I need to change this, as lately I’m hearing a lot about how the mental attitude plays a big part in our successes.  The Couch to Half app deals with this a bit.  Each week there are inspirational quotes to help put you in the right mindset and there is also an additional list of “Positive Thoughts” to give an additional mental boost when you need it.

I think I’m moving in the right direction with parts 1 and 2.  Point 3 will now become part of the overall training program. By the end of the training program, I’m hoping that my mind will believe that I am indeed a runner and on May 27th I will finished 13.1 miles in under 2 hours and 30 minutes!

One of the inspirational quotes from week 1 of the program kind of sums it all up:
“If you run, you are a runner.  It doesn’t matter how fast or how far.  It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you have been running for twenty years.  There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get.  You just run”  – John Bingham.

So, according to that…I AM a runner!


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