My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

Killer Core

on April 3, 2012

Wow…what a workout!  3 miles in 31:11.  That might be a new record for me.  It was tough, but I just wanted it to be over, so kept inching the speed up to get it over with!  Maybe not the best strategy, but it seemed to work for me!

As part of this week’s program, we are supposed to “change things up” a bit. I still did a treadmill run, but instead of watching a show, I listened to my iPod.  I haven’t listened to it for a while and it made me realize that I need to update my selection of tunes or at least create a run playlist with some good upbeat songs to keep me motivated and my legs moving.  Any suggestions for some good, get me moving/keep me moving run tunes?  

After the run I still had to do this week’s core workout.  The core program of the week consisted of 10x/10x Front-Back Lunges + 30sec/30sec Side Plank + 5x Burpees – repeat the circuit twice.  OH MY GOD!!!  This core workout just about killed me.  I could hardly keep my balance during the front-back lunges…I guess my legs were a bit tired from the run.  My kids were actually laughing at me as they were sneaking a peak out their bedroom doors since they were supposed to be in bed!  I’m not sure if I was more glad to be done the 3 miles or more glad to be done that last burpee.

Well, I better get to bed.  I’ve got to get up and run another 4 miles in a little over 6 hours! Yikes!

Goodnight all!


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