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A Laid Back Friday

on April 6, 2012

Today is the Good Friday stat holiday in Canada, which means a long weekend, and no work today.  Normally we head to the cottage for this weekend, but this year, we ended up staying home and really have no plans for our long weekend at all.

Since today is also a rest day in my half marathon training schedule, I was able to sleep in a bit.  Despite wanting to sleep very late, my body just doesn’t seem to be able to sleep in like I used to.  I remember before we had kids, my husband and I would be able to sleep until noon easily.  Now, even though I didn’t have anything to get up for, I was only able to sleep until 7:30am. It was early, but it was a 1.5 hour sleep in compared to most day when I get up at 6 or earlier to run before heading to work.  Despite being awake, it was still nice to just relax and read while the rest of the house was still asleep.

Once everyone got up and ready for the day, hubby made us delicious crepes for breakfast. This one of his specialties and the kids absolutely love them.  We load them up with fruit, chocolate sauce or Nutella, and top them off with whip cream or syrup.  I was debating about whether to have one or not, seeing as how I’m going the Clean Eating route.  In the end, I decided I would allow myself a treat, since I’ve been so good with my food choices lately.  I spread 1 tbsp of Nutella on it, added some strawberries, and topped it off with some whipped cream. Not exactly a pure, clean breakfast, but oh so good!  In the end, it wasn’t actually too bad, diet wise. In total, it was about 263 calories, which is less than my Harvest Crunch breakfast.

This afternoon we decided to hit the driving range.  This was my first time out this year, so I was a bit worried about how my shots would be.  I am not a great golfer…AT ALL!  But I really like it.  A few years ago I joined a new EWGA group just starting up in our area. We are now in our third season, and have grown to 67 members.  If you live in the York-Simcoe area and like to golf, you should consider joining our group.  Check out our website for information and if you’d like to come and play with us, just let me know and I will get you all the details.  We play Tuesday evenings at RedCrest (part of Cardinal Golf Club).

Anyways, on the range, as is usual for my golf…there was some good, some bad, and some very ugly!  There is so much to think about…my grip (which I changed last year, so I had to remember what I did to it), ball position for each club, head down, knees slightly bent, J-Lo butt (I learned this at a Callaway Links for Women golf day I went to a few years ago…and that is how the pro referred to it…stick your but out a bit like J-Lo!), the swing, and fake it til you make it finishing position.  It’s all a bit overwhelming when you really think about it all, so I try to just focus on a few of them and hope the others happen naturally.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t all come together at once very often!  But it’s that one perfect shot that keeps me going back.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing.  I did some reading, watched some of the Master’s and even had a little nap!  Then it was time for dinner.  Tonight’s menu was Pork Tenderloin and Mock Fried Rice.  The pork tenderloin was just baked in the over with a little salt and pepper and was quite tasty.  The Mock Fried Rice was a recipe that I found on another blog, modifying it just a bit.  See for the complete recipe.   Since we were having pork for dinner, I skipped the ground chicken that was part of the recipe and just went totally vegetables for the dish.  The Mock part of the fried rice comes from shredded cauliflower.  At first I thought this seemed a bit weird, but the recipe looked and sounded so good that I figured I should try it out.  So I shredded my cauliflower, chopped some shallots, green onions and celery, shredded some carrots, minced some ginger and garlic and got to sauteing the whole lot.  Once it is almost ready, you scramble and egg into it and add some soy sauce.  It was very easy to make and it tasted fantastic. Almost better than real fried rice, and a whole lot fewer carbs.  This is another recipe to add to my growing list of repeaters.  I forgot to take a picture of the dish, so you’ll have to refer to the writingfork link to see how good it is!  She has some other great recipes on there, so have fun poking around those ones too while you are there.

All in all a pretty laid back Friday.  Tomorrow it is back to training with a short 3 mile run scheduled.  I am hoping to get outside for this run.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and I can get out there.  I need to start doing more of my runs outside to get used to it for when the race comes.  It’s only 7 weeks away…YIKES!!!  I’m a bit nervous, but also confident that my Couch to Half Marathon app and training program will get me ready for the big day!

The plan tomorrow is to get up and run first thing.  I’m getting my hair done at 9:30 so want the run done before then so I can keep my fancy salon hair for the day rather than ruin it with a sweaty run.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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