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Easter, Chocolate Mini Eggs, and The End of Week 5

on April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!  The Easter Bunny visited our house last night, and left lots of eggs filled with goodies hidden all over the house for the kids.  They love all the candy (gummy worms and Mike & Ikes). which I’m not crazy about, so that’s not tempting for me.  However…the Easter Bunny also filled a few of those eggs with Cadbury Mini Eggs and also left the rest of a 1 kg bag tucked in a cupboard. While the candy doesn’t tempt me at all….the mini eggs are calling my name even as I write this!

Today is the end of week 5 of my Couch to Half Marathon training program.  Sunday is long run day, and I had 7 miles to complete today.  Over breakfast, I jokingly asked my husband if he wanted to come with me.  A bit surprisingly, he took me up on my offer.  I was surprised because he is not a runner, has not been training at all, but seemed to think he could go 7 miles with me.  I was happy for the company, so I loaded up the fuel belt with water, grabbed my Garmin (since I was heading outside again), tucked my iPod into my jacket pocket, and out the door we went.

I had mapped out a route for us that would take us along onto a town trail for most of our run.  After a few adjustments to Garmin to set it for 1 mile distance notifications so after each mile I could take a quick walk break, recover a bit, grab some water and get back to running, we started to run.  Of course, that’s exactly when Garmin decided to give me the low battery warning and die! So we were on the road with nothing to let me know how far, how fast, or how long we were running.  Just awesome!

We ran well for probably 2 miles before we stopped for a drink and to take off a layer as it was warm out there once we got going.  We got about 3 miles into the run when Rory decided he was going to turn around and start walking back.  I was going to keep going to the intended turnaround spot.  I have to say, although we didn’t talk much, it was much nicer to run with him that it was to run alone for the next part of the run.  I made the mistake of giving hubs my jacket to carry with him before taking out my iPod, so I had no tunes to help keep me moving. I sure could have used something because the next 2 miles of my run were quite a struggle.  I finally caught back up to Rory just after the 5 mile mark.  I was very happy to see him so I could get a drink…he also took the water belt when he turned around.  By the time I met up with him my legs were so tired and achy, we walked quite a bit of the final leg home.

In the end I finished 7 miles, with maybe only 5 of them running.  It’s a bit deflating to not be able to finish a planned run properly.  With the amount of training I am doing, I should be able to complete these distances.  This just hammers home the fact that I need much more work on my “mental running”.  Somehow I need to convince myself that I am a runner…because lately I’m not so sure.

When we finally got home we sat outside and had a nice glass of ice water to cool down.  We have Muskoka chairs out front and really enjoy this space in the yard.  The sun was shining directly on the chairs and it was a very nice way to take a little breather after the run. I think the run was a bit tougher than Rory thought it might be.  He got very relaxed sitting out there, and even dosed off in the warm sunshine.  He is doing the same right now in the family room as we watch the final round of the Master’s.  I love how the cats are both taking his lead and having a mid-afternoon nap as well!

The best part of running 7 miles (or running 5 and walking 2) is that I don’t have to feel guilty about what I eat for the rest of the day.  Lunch was some more Clean Eating leftovers – half an orange chipotle chicken breast and some mock fried rice.  This was a very healthy and fairly low-calorie meal, which will leave me lots of calories left today for mini eggs!  Yay!

I’m debating with myself whether I cook dinner tonight or we go out.  I’ve got a nice mustard-crusted sirloin roast in the fridge that I could make, but I think I will save that for tomorrow.  I see a trip to Boston Pizza in our very near future!  Mmmm….szechuan pizza here I come!

One last thing before I sign off.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my mind into my runs?  I need to find someway to keep moving when I’m out there.  Any ideas or tried and true suggestions are very welcome.  Thanks!



4 responses to “Easter, Chocolate Mini Eggs, and The End of Week 5

  1. runninghaiku says:

    Corny suggestion
    I write haiku in my head
    Distracts me from hell


  2. WOW! Mini Eggs are my weakness, but I’ve never seen a 1kg bag of them. I feel like the UK market has been swindled on that front!

    Don’t feel too bad about the 7 mile run, sometimes no matter how perfect the preparation has been or how well training has been going, you just have a bad run. Instead focus on the fact that you ran 5 of those 7 miles, and look forward to the next one 🙂


  3. cathyo says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know I should look at the positive..I finished and ran most of it. I’ve got 7 weeks left to figure it out!

    1kg of mini eggs, might just be too many mini eggs! They will taunt and torment me until they are all gone. Hopefully they don’t all end up on my hips!


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