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Kicking Ass on Friday!

on April 13, 2012

Just a quick post before I head our for my weekend of fun.

I had 8 miles to do before I could get on with my weekend of fun.  After a quick breakfast (bagel with peanut butter – yummo!), I loaded up the fuel belt, grabbed my iPod and my Garmin and was out the door.  I was determined to have a good run.

I had a massage last night and I chatted with Alaina, my RMT, who has become a friend since I’ve seen her just about every 3 weeks for the past 10 years.  Anyway…she was asking how the running was going.  I told her I had some good days and some bad and that at times I felt like a rhino out there slugging through when I wanted to be more gazelle-like when I ran.  I mentioned that my sister Erin runs like a gazelle…long legs, smooth stride..she makes it seem effortless and I am so jealous.  Alaina is a big believer in visualization and positive thinking. When she heard me mention rhino she jumped in right away and said “No, no, no…we need to get that image out of your head.  Let’s replace it with something else.”  We chatted about how I don’t want to be a gazelle because then I will constantly compare myself to Erin. We needed to find another fast animal that I could be.  We ended up with a Cheetah.  She also said I should talk to myself but only say positive things when I run. She said she does it when she runs and it helps her, especially when her breathing gets difficult.  She tells herself she can breath through her skin and she starts to be able to breath easier.

So, armed with a new positive attitude, I hit the road.  It was nice and sunny and a bit cool, but I was dressed appropriately, so wasn’t too cold and didn’t get too hot, so all was good.  I had my “fast tights” on, but wore a pair of running shorts over them as I’m still a little self conscious about running with my ass jiggling all over the place!

My plan was to run, and at each mile take a walk break to get some fluids into be and let the heart rate settle a bit.  The first 6 miles were AWESOME!  For the first 4 I was able to run the full miles and only walk on the scheduled breaks.  Mile 5 and 6 I walked a few extra times as there were quite a few hills that took a bit out of me.  Mile 7 was a bit tougher…pretty much all a gradual up hill and I was feeling a bit tired. Mile 8 I was just so happy that it was going to be over soon I ran pretty much the whole thing.  Throughout the whole run I was saying positive things in my head:  “I am a Cheetah, with strong legs, who can breath through my skin and I’m light as a feather”.  It sounds a bit crazy when I say it to myself now, but let me tell you, when I was out there…IT WORKED!  What felt like a short 1 hour 35 minutes later, I was done.

Now I can go on my tourney, have a few beer, eat bad food, and not feel to guilty about it!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


2 responses to “Kicking Ass on Friday!

  1. playfulpups says:

    Love this! Visualization definitely has power, I would agree. I had to laugh at the “rhino” description- I usually feel like an elephant trying to run. Since I don’t have anyone in my mind as a Gazelle or Cheetah, I might try some visualization with those. We’ll see how it goes! Kudos on your continued determination!!


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