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There Are Not Enough Hours in My Day!

on April 17, 2012

Well, here it is, late into the evening and I’m just getting to my daily post.  I need to figure out a way to get to this earlier, but I’m not sure how that will happen.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Today was a pretty good day, clean eating wise. I had a yummy oatmeal pancake for breakfast – well, it was more like I had half of an oatmeal pancake since my son probably ate half of it on our drive to school/work.  He loves them just about as much as I do.

Lunch was a bit more challenging.  One of my work colleagues recently had a birthday, and we have an office tradition of going out for lunch to celebrate all of our birthdays.  Today was our group lunch and I was a bit worried about what I would be able to find on the menu that wasn’t too high fat/high carb/high calorie, since I’m still trying to make up for my over indulgent weekend.  I was leaning towards a chicken Caesar salad, but then heard today’s omelet special and went with that.  An omelet with sauteed onions, smoked ham and Swiss cheese.  It came with a baby greens salad with a light vinagrette dressing.  It was very good and I didn’t feel guilty about a single bite.  So good and clean.  Yum.

Dinner did not go exactly as planned.  Since I had to drop my son off early at school for his ball hockey tournament, I didn’t get a chance to run my 3.5 miles this morning.  One good thing about getting to work early is getting to leave early.  I got away a little bit earlier than normal, picked up my son from school and was home by about 5:15pm.  Made a quick change into my run gear and headed down to the treadmill to get my run in before I had to head out for ball hockey at 6:30!  Needless to say, there was not really time for dinner. Which was okay, since eating before running around like a crazy person was probably a bad idea.  Dinner actually turned into popcorn while I watched some Private Practice.  Not ideal, but oh so good!

I had great plans for all the eat clean recipes I pulled out for the week.  Today didn’t happen, and tomorrow likely won’t either.  I’ve got an EWGA board meeting tomorrow at 6:30pm, so there may not be enough time to get home and made a nice dinner before having to leave for my meeting.  Although, I just remembered my son wants to go to soccer tryouts for his school team tomorrow at 7:30am, so I’m likely getting to work even earlier tomorrow, which means I get out of there earlier too, so may have time to cook one of the quicker recipes.  I’ll have to see what time I actually get home from work, because at some point tomorrow I’ve got to run 5 miles.  I have no idea when that is going to happen.  I wonder if I can arrange it so I can run home from the meeting.  I’ll have to check that out on gmaps pedometer and see how far it is…that might work.  I just need to figure out how to get my paperwork home from the meeting, since I sure won’t want to run with it.  Maybe I should switch my Wednesday and Thursday runs, since Thursday I’m only scheduled for 2 miles, which would be a lot easier to squeeze in tomorrow.  That is definitely something to consider.  My Thursday is looking a lot less hectic, so it makes sense!

My ball hockey team, another group of Corona Crushers, played our first game of the season tonight.  It ended up being an exhibition game, which is too bad, because we won!  It was fun to get back out there and sweat my butt off.  It is such a crazy workout.  Lots of running, quick starts and stops, mad dashes up and down the floor and seriously, it is the best sweat you can imagine.  It is still early in the season, but it got very warm in the arena.  I’m already not looking forward to how hot it’s going to get in there in the middle of the summer, but that’s all part of it.  Good times!

Well, it is now approaching midnight and I need to get myself to bed.  Another early morning is in my future.  Ugh…I really need to get more sleep.  If only there were another 4 hours in my day, I could maybe get everything finished that I need to do AND get a decent amount of sleep.  Since I don’t see the day being expanded by 4 hours, I guess I will just have to do a better job of fitting everything in…and continue to be tired….it’s okay, at this point I’m used to it!

I found this little quote when I did a Google search for “need more time”.  It kind of says it all, doesn’t it!

Night, Night!


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