My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

Run, Eat, Sleep…Repeat!

on April 25, 2012

Today was a quiet day, with nothing really that exciting happening.

RUN:  4 miles.  Overall, it was a pretty good run.  I wasn’t quite as speedy as I was on yesterday’s 3 miles, but faster than I used to be.  4 miles took me 42 minutes, so I guess I’m getting better!

EAT:  Another Clean Eating recipe.  Tonight it was Spinach & Chicken Sausage Pizza.  This was another tasty meal.  If I make it again, I would probably use a different crust.  The recipe called for a Boboli Whole Wheat crust or making a Clean Eating pizza crust from scratch.  I couldn’t find a Boboli crust, and I didn’t want to make one from scratch, so I picked up an organic spelt crust from the health food store.  It was okay, but a little lacking in flavour, so next time I will try a different crust and see if it makes it a bit better.  The toppings were fantastic, so if I can figure out a way to improve the taste of the crust but stay “clean” then it will be a winner.  To see the recipe, follow this link:  I forgot to take a picture, so here’s how it looks on the Clean Eating Magazine site.

SLEEP:  I’m trying to get more sleep.  I’m not being all that successful with it yet, but at least I’m aware that it need to be a bigger priority for me.  I’m aiming to get to be tonight by 11pm…which is at least an hour ahead of usual, if not more.  Some days it’s writing this blog that keeps me up late!  At least tonight I’m getting this out of the way a bit earlier.

REPEAT: I’ve got another 4 miles on the schedule for tomorrow.  I need to get that done early in the morning before work, since I’ve got some kid things to deal with tomorrow after work that will get me home late and likely not in the mood to run.  Besides, getting the run out of the way in the morning is such a great feeling. Knowing I can sit on the couch completely guilt free and watch tv all night is awesome!  I’ve got left over pizza for lunch so that’s a bonus as well.

This “Run, Eat, Sleep…Repeat” routine is keeping me on track with my training.  So is writing this blog.  Coming on here every day to “report” how my training and eating has gone for the day is helping me to stick to the plan and keeping me accountable.  So, thanks for stopping by and helping to keep me on track.  I need all the help I can get!



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