My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size


on April 27, 2012

In my hunt on the web for a picture to use in my Friday post, I stumbled across something called the Friday Five. I think this might become my standard post for Fridays.

So here are this week’s Friday Five:

1.  I have just discovered and love David’s Tea.  I hate coffee, but  I love Starbucks Grande Non-Fat, No Water, Extra Hot Tazo Chai Latte…but at 210 calories a shot and 43 grams of sugar, they are not the best for my new eating regime.  The other day at work one of my colleagues brought in some David’s Pumpkin Chai for me to try.  Well, I tried it and I liked it!  So, the other day, I went to David’s Tea and bought 2 different types of loose leaf tea.  I got a bag of the Pumpkin Chai and a bag of Coco Chai Rooibus.  I’m sitting in the family room, enjoying a cup of the Coco Chai as I write this post.  Mmmmmm…so relaxing…and zero calories!

2. Half Marathon Update:  This Sunday will be the end of week 8 of my training, which means only 4 weeks to go!  Man, it’s coming up fast.  This weekend’s long run is 10 miles, or 16 km.  I’m actually looking forward to it.  My sister is finally well enough to run with me, so I will have some company.  Also, Jack Rabbit shared some of her run clinic articles that dealt with race strategy and keeping motivated.  There were some great tips in the articles and I’m going to apply some of them to my long run Sunday.  The main idea that I’m going to implement is to break the run into smaller bits.  1o miles splits nicely into two 3 miles runs and one 4 mile run, and all of those distances have become a breeze for me to run.  So that’s my strategy.  Sunday I’m going to run 4 miles to start, then a 3 mile run, followed by a final 3 miles.  Piece of cake!  I’ll let you know Sunday how my strategy works out.

3. I have to adjust my weight loss goal.  I am only 3 lbs away from my original target weight, with some time left still until my target deadline.  I’m pretty sure I can drop a few more, so I’m dropping my target by 5 lbs, making my new goal weight 8 lbs away.  My original target date was by my half marathon.  I’m not sure I can lose 8 lbs in a month, but I’m going to give it a  try.

4. Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day.   I’m a Creative Memories scrapper, and to celebrate NSD, my consultant has organized a full day crop.  This means that tomorrow I get to scrapbook all day with 30-40 other ladies.  It should be a fun day, with some much-needed, uninterrupted time to scrap.  Other than organized days like tomorrow or scrap weekend retreats, I really haven’t been doing any scrapbooking, which is not good since I am over 2 years behind in my pictures.  So, tomorrow I hope to get lots done and make a dent towards my goal of being finished scrapping all of my 2010 pictures by the end of the year.  I’ve got a way to go since I’m currently working on Christmas 2009.

5. It’s just turned into a kid free night! My oldest is at a sleep over birthday party for a friend from his school.  My youngest just got a call to go for a sleep over at a buddy’s place too.  I’m going to get a nice dinner out now.  Good thing I had a light lunch of a Starbucks Chai Latte.  I’ve got quite a few calories left for a good dinner!

I’m off to drop kid 2 off.  Enjoy your Friday night everyone.  Happy Weekend!


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