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Perfect 10!

on April 29, 2012

Today was my long run day.  The schedule called for 10 miles, or 16km, and my sister Erin and I were going to run together.  I picked her up at her place and we drove to the Running Room to run out and back from there.  The Running Room was a busy place as the various run clinics were all meeting for their long runs.  We saw Kathy and her marathon group, who were setting out for 32km (20 miles) today.  We planned to run the 10 mile/16km route that another Running Room clinic was using today, with a slight modification to take us past Jack Rabbit’s marathon group’s cooler.

Shortly after 8:30 we were out the door and on our way.  This was a new route for us, which was a nice change from running the same path as always.  It was nice to not really know where we were going and just run.  As I mentioned the other day, I was going to approach this run as a series of smaller runs. Erin liked this idea too, and we decided that we would get the 4 mile chunk out of the way first.  We used the run mile, take a walk break strategy for today’s run and it worked great.  Before we knew it, our first 4 miles were done, and we were into the second leg of our run, a short 3 miles!  This 3 mile leg, took us past Kathy’s cooler.  We took a brief stop here and fueled up on some run nutrition.  Erin choked down a GU gel and I had some of my Honey Stingers.  I think the Honey Stingers were the better of the two options!  They were tasty little jujube type things.  Much better than the gel shot for sure!

We had to run a little passed the cooler to get to 5 miles, so on we went.  At the 5 mile mark, we turned around and retraced our steps back to the Running Room. For the most part, the run was pretty good.  I got a little sore and tired at about the 9 mile mark, but with the help of Erin and her words of encouragement, I made it back.  In the end, the run took us 2 hours on the dot.  So, not all that speedy at 5 mph, but for me, the run was a huge success.  I ran the whole thing, sticking to the 1 mile run/short walk break routine.  This is pretty much my first long run that I’ve managed to stick to the plan for the whole run. That alone feels like a great accomplishment for me.

So, it seems I’m getting better, and my sister says I’m much faster than I was since the last time we ran together.  I think it also helped a lot that I was running with someone.  We chatted a bit along the way, but not the whole time.  It was just nice having some company.  It was also nice having someone encourage me to keep going when things got a little tough…going up a hill every now and then, and definitely at the 9 mile mark.  Hopefully it will work out that we get to run a few more long runs together before the race.  Next weekend I’m on my own though, since she will be away getting certified to teach Body Attack at GoodLife gyms.  I think I will see what the Running Room clinics are doing next weekend and maybe see if I can keep up to a group of them.

On our 2 hour run, I burned over 1100 calories, which pretty much meant I could eat whatever I wanted today and not worry about it.  I should have taken better advantage of this.  I think I was almost too tired to eat!  I may treat myself to a Chai Latte after the kids go to bed.  It will depend if I have enough energy to stay awake that long.

After my run, I didn’t really do too much.  Enjoyed some sunshine on the front patio, planned out our clean eating menu for the week, and picked up groceries for the various recipes.  I’ll post pics of the new recipes as they come up this week.

Tomorrow is a rest day – YAY!!!  As usual, I’m looking forward to a little sleep in, and I think my body might really need a day off after the run today.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Did you do anything exciting?  As always, it just wasn’t quite long enough.  Good thing in just 5 short days, another weekend will be upon us!


2 responses to “Perfect 10!

  1. Wow! Good for you! Running new routes is always a fun challenge!


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