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My Busy Night…and it’s not over yet!

on May 1, 2012

What a night!

I left work early to pick my son up from school and get home in time to head to the golf course for my league organized Putting Clinic. The clinic was good.  I didn’t learn anything totally new, but it was a great refresher to get me ready for the upcoming season.  My league starts next Tuesday, so the timing was perfect.  I’m actually not a bad putter…which is good, because other parts of my game suck, so it’s good to feel confident when I finally make it to the green.  We had some instruction, got some tips and then practiced different drills for about an hour.  After the clinic I went to the driving range and hit a small bucket of balls.  Things seem to be working fairly well for so early in the season.  Most shots were going straight and farther than I remember.  My driver was even cooperating.  I’m still going to go get a proper fitting at Callaway and see if my current driver is okay for me, or if I need (yes, need!) that Razr Black I hit a couple of weeks ago at the Expo.

After golf, it was home to change into my run clothes and then I headed down to the basement for today’s 4 miles.  I tried to get up this morning and run them, but I hit the snooze and for some reason it was a 30 minute snooze and not the usual 5 minutes that it is usually set for.  By the time the snooze went off I didn’t have time to run 4 miles before I had to leave for work.  That’s probably okay, because I was so tired when my alarm first went off that the extra half hour probably was just what I needed.  My 4 miles tonight was pretty good.  Finished in 39:09, so I’m getting faster.  I know it doesn’t translate to the same speed out on the road, but hopefully a little bit of that will rub off out there.

Now, I’m just writing this post before heading out the door for my 10 pm ball hockey game.  I’m looking forward to it.  Despite the fact that it is so late, I know it will be a ton of fun, and a great workout.  Hopefully we have a good-sized bench tonight.  Turnout is often not the greatest for these late games.  I think I know of at least 4 girls who won’t be there.  This is exactly why we have a big team, so when half of us don’t show up, we’ve still got enough to play.   We are 2-0 so far this year.  Hopefully we can keep our perfect record in tact.

I hope you all had a good night.  I’m looking forward to mine finally being over.  Only 2 more hours!


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