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12 miles…I kicked it, and then it kicked back!

on May 12, 2012

Today was my long run day.  12 miles.  Just shy of the half marathon distance.  I was excited to run today, since my sister was once again running with me and the last time we ran together I had a really good run.

We headed out just after 8 this morning, following a route that our friend Kathy uses when she runs with her Running Room group.  It was a pretty good route.  A few gradual hills in the first part of the run, but after that, it was pretty flat.  For the first 8 miles of the run, I was running well.  My sister was encouraging me up the hills and on the flats I felt good.  We were running long enough to use our run nutrition again.  This time I took a Clif Shot Gel Razz flavour at 45 minutes. It really is not my favourite.  It tastes okay, but I have a hard time choking it down. The consistency is just a bit tough for me to take.  At the 1:30 mark, I had a couple Clif Shot Blocks.  They were okay.  My sister tried the Clif Shot Gel Vanilla and was raving about how fantastic it was, saying it was smooth and creamy and tasted like vanilla frosting.  I will pick up a few of those to see if they are as good as she says.

So, 8 miles and things were great.  I was kicking this run’s ass.  Then it decided it was time to kick me back.  After the 8 mile mark, the wheels fell off.  My legs completely seized and I started to feel nauseous.  It was NOT good.  I stopped and tried to stretch out my legs, but they were so tight, I could hardly take more than the smallest step.  If it were only that I may have been able to tough it out and try to keep going.  But the feeling that I was going to toss my cookies with every step was just too much to take.  We ended up walking the last 4 miles.

My sister thinks that I might have been dehydrated.  She said she could see the salt crystals all over my face from my sweat, which she says is a sign of dehydration. We tried to figure out what might be causing me to feel so bad.  We are wondering if it’s all the tea I have been drinking lately.  Three cups a day might be too much for my system to handle, and who knows what all those crazy herbs and ingredients are really doing to my system.  Plus, my tea has been replacing my water consumption, so I’ve probably not been getting enough water into my system. I’m not 100% sure if it is the tea that is impacting me or not, but I think for the next 2 weeks, I will cut it out and try to get my water consumption back up to where it should be.

Another thing that has also been suffering the last few weeks is my healthy eating.  Things have been busy for me and I haven’t been doing as much clean cooking as I would like.  I’m hoping to get some time tonight to go through my magazine and cookbooks and pull out some quick and delicious recipes to make this week. I’ve got 2 weeks until race day and I need to make sure my body is properly fueled to give it the best chance to meet my 2:30 goal time.

While running, my sister gave me some great news.  She was originally planning to try for a 2 hour finish time for this race.  Today she told me her plans have changed.  Since this was only her 3rd or 4th long run, she has now decided she will run with me and keep me moving, to help me reach my 2:30 goal time.  I wanted to jump up and down and do a little happy dance.  I am super pumped that we will be running the race together.  Knowing that I will have company on the run just makes me all that more confident that a 2:30 finish is possible.  One other bonus of us running together is that we don’t need to do our playlists.  When we run together we don’t listen to our iPods.  We run just talking to each other along the way.  You’d think with the amount of time we spend together we would run out of things to talk about, but we never do.  I’m so excited she is going to run with me!!!

After the run, I could hardly move.  My legs were killing me and my feet were on fire.  I had a nice warm shower and then hit the couch!  I tried to nap, but despite the fact that I was exhausted, I couldn’t really sleep.  Instead, I got up and went to the Running Room.  I needed to get a pair of short tights that I could wear when I run.  It has gotten too hot for my long tights…I was way to warm on my run today.  I tried on 4 different kinds: Adidas, Running Room, Ronhill, and Nike.  They were all pretty good and all fit well, but in the end I went with the Nike.  They seemed like they would stay in place the best, plus were a bit longer than the others, so I felt a bit more comfortable in them.

While at the Running Room I also picked up a couple of the Vanilla Cliff Shots my sister said were so good.  I will try one out next weekend on my 6 mile “long” run.  Hopefully they are as good as she says they are!

Well, it’s time to think about dinner.  Don’t have much in the house, so I’m guessing we will be going out.  I can’t wait.  I’ve got an extra 1254 calories to eat today, thanks to the run this morning.  Hopefully we can find something delicious, but still somewhat healthy.  I may even treat myself to a frozen yogurt treat for dessert!

Hope you all had a productive but relaxing Saturday.



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