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Accidental Meatless Monday

on May 14, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone!  As usual, today is a rest day in my half marathon training schedule.  Thank god…I think I might have just about recovered from my long run this weekend.  There is still an odd ache high in my hamstring, but I’m much better than I was after the long run Saturday.  Tomorrow I get to get back at it with 4 miles.  I may switch up my schedule a bit and only run 3 miles, since I have 9 holes of golf and a ball hockey game also on the schedule for tomorrow.  I will see how quickly I can drag my sorry butt out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5:45am.  I’ve already got my 4 mile route mapped out, so hopefully I can do it!

I mentioned the other day that my sister has now decided that instead of running her own race, she is now going to run with me and keep me moving towards my goal of a sub 2:30 half.  This just makes me so excited to run this race now.  I know that I have done the work and put in all the training and will be physically ready to run this race in 13 shorts days.  It’s the mental side of this run that still provides a challenge for me.  She knows this too and is bound and determined to get me all the way to the end.  I’m sure with her help, I will do it.  Check out this awesome post she wrote on her blog today:  Happier Healthier More Fit Me…Motivational Monday  I really do have the world’s best sister!

Along with my training, I have been making a real effort to eat clean.  I’ve had a few challenges with this the last few weeks as life seemed to get busy with many things going on in the evenings making it difficult.  I have made a commitment to get back on the clean train as I am in the home stretch of my training.  I have another busy week, but have planned around this and when I do cook, it will be clean.  Tonight, quite by accident, I also followed another Clean Eating concept of Meatless Monday.  I had already planned on making a repeat clean recipe, and it just so happened to also be meatless.  Tonight’s delicious dinner was Mediterranean Vegetable, White Bean & Feta Penne.


It was just as tasty as I remember it.  For the recipe, click Mediterranean Vegetable, White Bean & Feta Penne

As always seems to happen, it is now quite late and I really should get to bed so I’ve got the energy I need to get up and go for my run tomorrow morning.

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start.  Only 4 more days and it’s the weekend…and a long weekend to boot!


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