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on May 27, 2012

Today was the day.  Race Day for the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon.

I was up at 5:45 to shower and have breakfast before picking up my sister at her place and hitting the road down to Sunnybrook park for the start.  Breakfast was my usual pre-run bagel with peanut butter.  I was going to have an oatmeal pancake, but thought it might not be wise to change things up on race day.  So I stuck with the usual, and it hit the spot!

Hubby was a great guy and agreed to drive us down to the park so we wouldn’t have to worry about parking.  It was a good thing, because we got there around 7:15 and the place was packed!  Who knows where we would have had to park.  Jacko also came down to the race with us. The plan was for Rory and Jack to go grab breakfast somewhere, and then come back to the park and go for a bike ride along the trails and stop at a few spots to cheer us on.  More on that later.

We had time to hit the port-a-potties, take a few pre-race pics and then we got into the corrals.

For the half marathon there were 1500 ladies registered and another 500 for the 5 km race.  For the Half, they had us go off in three groups based on expected finish time.  Erin and I were in the second group to go off.  It was quite packed for the first few km as everyone was bunched up and hadn’t spread out yet, and the path was fairly narrow.  Once we got out of the pack and into our own space we moved along not too badly for the first bit.  I was feeling good, my hamstring wasn’t bothering me and we were making out not too badly time-wise for the first 5 miles or so.  Somewhere in here Rory and Jack were on the side of the path and were cheering us on.  Rory managed to get a picture of us in action.  At this point, we were both still smiling.

Then I seemed to lose a bit of steam.  I’m not sure what it was, but I really slowed down quite a bit. After running the first 5 miles in the 10-11 min/mile range, I was not able to keep up that pace.  I slowed down to the 12 minute range for miles 6-10.  Mile 11 was horrible at 14:19 pace.  I was so discouraged and although my brain was telling my legs to run they just wouldn’t go.  My sister did a great job trying to get me going again, and I was able to pick up the pace a bit for the last 2 miles, with mile 12 at 12:42 and the last mile was at 11:35 pace.  Overall we finished in 2:40, 10 minutes off my goal time.  I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t pull it out and get it done, but I have to be happy that I did it, and didn’t finish last – which until now was really my goal for every race I’ve ever run.

I was so happy to be finished!  It was a tough run for me, but Erin and I still managed to be smiling at the end of it!

Notice our new bling?  The race medals were these awesome nickel necklaces by Foxy Jewelry.  Foxy was actually one of Oprah’s favourite things!  Check it out..they have some beautiful stuff

Thanks everyone for your positive sunshine vibes.  There was no rain during the race!

After the run it was home to shower and then it was time to chill out on the back deck.  We had crackers, cheese, fruit and other snacks to munch on while we enjoyed our well-earned Corona!

After burning over 1400 calories running this morning, I wasn’t worrying too much about what I ate today.  So, after an afternoon of beer and snacks, we ordered pizza for dinner.  I just didn’t have the energy to go shopping.  I will make a nice clean meal tomorrow, but tonight, that pizza tasted so good!

I’m guessing I might be a little stiff tomorrow.  Thankfully, I’ve got a massage booked to help with that.  My hamstring still feels good, so maybe whatever my massage therapist did to it Thursday night did the trick.  The worst ‘injury’ that I got on the run was three killer blisters – on both big toes, under the calluses that had built up during my training, and one other one on the side of my right foot.  They are a bit tender, but all in all, not too bad.

Before I sign off from this post, I have to thank my sister for running with me today.  I’m sure she could have finished in under 2 hours had she not decided to run with me.  She was awesome today, encouraging me and at times physically pulling my arm to get my legs moving again when they just didn’t want to go.  Erin, you are awesome!  I don’t think I could have done it without you.  You are the best sister, EVER!  xoxo

Now, all I want to do is go to bed.  I think I’m going to sleep like a rock.


6 responses to “RACE DAY!

  1. Congratulations 🙂


  2. irit says:

    good job setting a goal and doing it you are my hero 🙂
    hope to see you soon and i will make sure to have some coronas on deck for you my friend.


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