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Birdie Open Day 1

on June 1, 2012

The 2012 Birdie Open is underway. The original plan was to shop Thursday and golf Friday and Saturday with awards on Sunday morning. When the weather for Friday called for rain all day, we changed the plan and got in a round Thursday. We played Peninsula Lakes and it was a great day. We tee’d off at 4 and got in a great round.

My first 9 was a great 9 holes for me. I shot a 53, which I was very happy with. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep it going on the back 9. I shot an awful 64! Ugh. I had two 11’s. It was NOT pretty. I found every bunker on the back 9. It was unbelievable. Oh well, when I enter my score for my handicap I it will put those back down to 9’s so that will help a bit, not enough tho!

If it works (since I’m posting fron blackberry), here’s a picture of me at Pen Lakes. Like my snazzy golf outfit?

Today is Friday and it is pouring So its a good thing we got a round in yesterday. I think the plan today is to shop!! We will have fun no matter what we do. The laughs are flowing big time.

Happy Friday everyone!


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