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The Friday Five

on June 2, 2012

It’s time for The Friday Five

1. It rained all day today. It is a good thing we got in a round of golf yesterday, since it rained ALL DAY today. After a month of amazing weather I can’t believe this is the weekend that we get rain. Oh well…we still managed to have fun!

2. I was a Beer Bitch today. Since I was on the loosing team today, I was a beer bitch today. The funniest part of that is these crazy ladies have special shirts for the losers! I think I rocked the look! Rosanne and Carol Ann were also on the beer crew today too. Hopefully the picture loads!

3. I lost $40 playing cards today. Since we couldn’t play golf today, we stayed in and played Euchre today. We had 8 people so had two tables going and had a little tournament. Winners stayed at the tables and losers moved to the other table. I came close to getting third place in the second game, which would have got me third and my money back, but I lost by one point. Oh well. It was fun and we had lots of laughs!

4. It is crazy windy tonight. We are staying the weekend at Sherkston Shores in a nice trailer park. Every year so far there has been one crazy night of wind. This year tonight seems to be the night. Hopefully we make it through the night and don’t end up in Kansas with Dorothy and Toto.

5. I need to play some good golf tomorrow to have a chance at Birdie. After our first round I am well back in the hunt for Birdie. One of the girls has a 100 which puts me 17 strokes behind…which is quite a lot of strokes to make up. Its a long shot, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Wish me luck!


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