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A Dull, Grey Day

on June 9, 2012

We are up at the cottage for the weekend and the weather did not cooperate today.  It was a dull, grey day.  The sun did try to peek out at 6pm or so, but only for a few minutes and then the clouds took over again.  It could have been worse though.  The forecast was for rain most of the day, but it only rained first thing in the morning, and then maybe sprinkled for a few minutes this afternoon.

I started my day with a short run around the point.  I think it’s about a 4km loop.  I tried something different today, and left my iPod at home.  It was just me, my Garmin, and the road.  I started out at an easy pace and ran for 10 minutes or so.  Then I walked for a minute, and then ran again, at a slightly faster pace for maybe 5 minutes.  I took another short walk break and the for the rest of the run, alternated between running as fast as I could for a minute or so and then walking for a minute to recover.  This was actually pretty fun.  In the end, my overall pace was 10:57/mile.  Not too bad considering there were many walk breaks in there.  Garmin tells me my fastest pace was 6:05/mile.  I’m not sure if that’s really fast or not, but for me it sure seemed fast.  I think I may try to do one run a week like this.  Who knows, maybe it will make me faster!

When I got back from my run, my sister and her family arrived at the cottage to spend the rest of the weekend with us.  It’s too bad the weather wasn’t better, but we made the most of it.  Nick and Jack played with their cousin Ryan and taught her how to blow bubbles.  Once she figured out which end went in the bubbles and which end you blew, she soon was able to produce bubbles.  It was so cute to see how excited she got when they flew around her.

Is it just me, or do the bubbles of today seem significantly poorer quality than they did when we were kids?  It was all I could do to get a good stream of bubbles out of one “dunk” in the liquid.

Little Tanner is too small yet to do much, but he sure is a smiley guy.  You just have to look at him and he breaks into the biggest grin.  Of course, trying to get a picture of that with the camera on my BlackBerry was not the easiest thing to do, but you can still tell what a cutie he is!

Despite my great plans to read like mad this weekend, I did not read a single page today. I did get a fair bit of The New Rules of Lifting for Women read in the car on the drive up.  It’s an interesting read.  Basically it says if you want the best results, women need to lift heavier than they have been accustomed to lifting.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to read a bit more of it.  There is a full workout and a diet plan included in the book.  I’m most interested in those two pieces of information more than the “philosophy” behind why women should lift like men.  After I post this blog, I may try to read a few more pages, although I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open while I type, so that my not happen.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be much better…29 and sunny.  Hopefully there will be some quality dock time in my future tomorrow.  The boys and Rory need to wash some weird fungus/mold stuff off the slide, and I plan to sit and watch then, while soaking up some sun.  I also imagine there will be a few trips out in the boat pulling the boys around in the tube.  Maybe even a trip into town by boat for ice cream!!!  I think I see a scoop of Chocolate in my future.  What’s your favourite flavour?


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