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Girls Golf Day

on June 17, 2012

Today was a great day!  Golf with the girls followed by a dinner date with the hubs.  Pretty darn good day, for sure!

We played Nobleton Lakes.  The weather was nice – sunny and warm. You might say it was “hot as balls” out there…at least that’s what you say if you are Toni!  I’ve made reference to Toni a couple of times in my blog now, and here are a few pictures featuring Toni that we took today on the course.  Toni is in both pics…once with me (check out the Side Show Bob hair-do I’ve got going on – yikes!), and in the other shot she is with Leslie, who golfed with us today.

There was another foursome of girls with us – Kathy, Gina, Cathy, and Daphne – but I didn’t get a picture of them.  We had a great day on the course.  My golf wasn’t too bad at all.  I was quite pleased that I didn’t blow up on the back 9 like I did in Niagara.  Today, my back 9 was actually a few strokes better than the front.  I shot a 55 on the front, and managed a 52 on the back.  I had a bunch of 3 putts that killed me.   I hate 3 putts…but I love beer!  and we enjoyed a couple of cold ones out there.  They hit the spot today.

After golf, the kids and I hit golf town for a few Father’s Day things.  Rory is going golfing with some buddies early tomorrow, so we picked up a few pairs of shorts and some shirts so he will look good out there tomorrow and when he goes on his golf weekend next weekend.

The kids were playing with friends so we decided to go out for an adults only dinner.   We headed down the street to a place called Play.  It wasn’t busy at all and we were able to get a nice booth with a good view of the tv’s so we could watch the US Open while we ate.  We shared some baked shrimp as an appetizer…it was good – shrimp baked in a lime-butter with cheese.  This was not exactly clean eating, but it sure was good.  For my main dish, I made a healthier choice and had chicken souvlaki with a greek salad.  This was really good and very filling.  I was starving after golf and ate the whole thing!

When we got home from dinner we had to go collect Jacko from his friend’s place around the corner.  After stopping in for a visit, it was late when we got home, and then it got even later since we did Father’s Day tonight so Rory could have his new outfit for golf tomorrow.  Now it’s really late, and I need to go to bed.  Story of my life!  LOL

Hope you had a good Saturday.  Did you get out there and enjoy the fantastic weather? 


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