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Holy Heat Wave, Batman!!!

on June 20, 2012

Saying today was hot, just doesn’t seem to be enough…it was super hot.  This is what the car showed as the outside temperature on the drive home…HOT!

37 Celcius is about 99 degrees Fahrenheit!  HOT!

I didn’t do anything exciting today.   Work was insane again.  I really don’t know when work isn’t going to be a zoo…but that’s okay.  I’d rather be busy than bored!

The highlight of the day was cooking a new Clean Eating dish for dinner:  Chicken Sloppy Joes from the June 2012 issue.  See here for the recipe.   This recipe was easy to prepare and tasted great.

Rory’s mom makes a mean sloppy joe.  The kids love them.  I served my chicken version the same way she does…open faced.  The finished product:  Yummo!

These were another hit.  There was even some left for a few lunches…that is until Rory and Nick decided they wanted seconds.  So now…no leftovers!  They ate it all.

Tomorrow should be another busy day.  Lots to do at work so the day should fly by.  We are planning on having an office lunch of Jerk Pork.  One of my colleagues makes the best Jerk Pork EVER and since it’s been a while since we’ve had it, we have convinced him to make it for us tomorrow.  He has been marinating the pork since Monday I think, so it will be very flavourful.  I will post pics tomorrow!

Tomorrow after work, my sister and I are going to meet our friend’s new baby.  Kenzie was born on Sunday and we are heading up to have a visit with the baby and see how mom and dad are adjusting to the insanity of parenthood.

Stay cool, peeps!  How are you coping with the heat wave?


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