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Canada Day, in Pictures

on July 2, 2012


We celebrated Canada Day at the cottage. The weather was fantastic and we had a great day.  Here are just a few of the things that we did today.

Nick has his boaters’ license so is able to drive the punt with the little motor on it.  We’ve had it tuned up so he can now start it by himself and it runs smoothly now.  He took many little trips today, taking various people for rides.  He’s quite proud to be Captain!

My boys this morning on the dock:

It was another perfect evening at the cottage. I never get tired of this view:

We grilled up some kebabs for dinner, alongside some corn on the cob and caesar salad…dinner was delish!

After dinner we had an impromptu dance party.   I have no idea what the kids call this move, but they thought it was hilarious!

After the dance party, we headed to our cousins place down the road and had a fire.  The kids roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  I too enjoyed a s’more.  There is just something about the combination of cookie, chocolate and marshmallow that hits the spot!  Yummo!!!


Now it’s late, and I need to get some sleep. We’ve got to get up and do it all again tomorrow!

Happy Canada Day, everyone.  Hope it was a good one!  Cheers


2 responses to “Canada Day, in Pictures

  1. Tony Carbon says:

    Place looks peaceful and AWESOME!


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