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Another Crazy Day in the Life

on July 4, 2012

I missed my blog post Monday, and I guess technically I missed Tuesday’s as well, since it’s after midnight Tuesday night, so now it’s actually Wednesday.  Oh well.  Here’s a summary of what’s been going on in my crazy life the last few days.

Monday was the stat holiday for Canada Day and we stayed up at the cottage until about 7pm. This was later than we originally planned, but it was just so nice up there it was hard to leave.  We ended up chatting with our cousins on their deck by the lake for longer than we had planned.  Then they asked if the kids would like to stay up with them for a few more days.  I’m pretty sure all the kid cousins were planning this all day, because when we asked the boys if they wanted to stay they didn’t seem the least bit surprised.  They thought they could handle a few more days of cottage time and even get to do a few days of sailing club while they are there.

This lead to a bonus kid free night for hubs and I, so we headed back home and tried to find a restaurant that was open on the holiday so we could grab a late bite to eat.  Three of our first choices were closed. Odd that restaurants would close…at least we thought so.  We ended up finding this great pizzeria/trattoria/gelateria place in Aurora.  We split a couple of individual pizzas that we probably the most flavourful pizza’s I’ve had in Newmarket.  Thin crust, spicy toppings, and just the right amount of cheese.  They really were good.  Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures.  I’m really falling down on the food picture front these days!

After dinner, it was home to watch some PVR’d shows.  A new show we’ve been watching is The Newsroom an HBO show. Jeff Daniels stars in it and I love it.  It’s created by Aaron Sorkin who did The West Wing, but also did a great show that just didn’t seem to catch on called Sports Night back in 1998-2000.  Anyways, we’ve seen two episodes of the The Newsroom and so far it’s fantastic.  I love Jeff Daniels in this role.

Tuesday was back to the grind with lots to get done today, after being away from the office for 3 glorious days!  It ended up being quite a productive day and I was even able to leave a bit early and meet a couple of girls from my scramble team and play 11 holes with them.  They had gone out at 3pm and were playing 18 holes.  I joined them on the 8th and played the last 2 holes on the front 9 and all of the back 9 with them.  Today was not a great day for me golf wise.  Nothing seemed to be working.  My driver was slicing like crazy, I couldn’t hit my 3 wood off the fairway to save my life, and I just couldn’t shake it off.  I’m really hoping that Sunday things all come together and I can contribute to the team. They have to use at least 3 of my drives, so that Callaway Razr X Black better start cooperating again!

After golf, I grabbed a bit with the girls, had a few laughs with George and Kath who were also out there tonight, and then headed off to ball hockey for a 10pm game.  10pm ball hockey sucks!  Despite having about 16 people on our roster, it was all we could do to scrape up 7 runners and our goalie didn’t show (and didn’t tell us she wasn’t coming – awesome!)  We were able to get the goalie from the game before us to stay…thank god.  It’s not much of a game with a big empty net in your end.

We ended up losing 5-3 I think.  I ran my ass off, sweated like a crazy person, and scored 1 goal.  It was so hot in the rink.  The second you came to the bench to catch your breath and grab a drink the sweat literally started pouring off you.  GROSS!

I got home a little after 11, watched the news with hubs, had a nice shower and hopped into bed to write this post.  It is now 12:45am Wednesday.  I really am not doing very well at all with my attempt to get more sleep!  Oh well.  I’ve just accepted that my life is a zoo and I will sleep when I’m dead!

I hope your last few days were good ones.  Did you do anything exciting?  I sure hope you are getting more sleep than I am!



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