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Hot, Hot, Hot!

on July 5, 2012

Today I played in a client’s charity golf tournament.   I’m not sure exactly how hot it got, but trust me, it was hot.  My goal for the day was to not get heat stroke or dehydrate!  I was sure to drink lots.  My beverage consumption for the day included 1 bottle of water, 2 bottles of diet coke, 1  Corona tall boy, 1 bottle of Corona, 1 bottle of Gatorade, and lots of water with the lunch.  Even tonight I still seem to want more water and have had about 3 big glasses so far.  My last beverage of the evening is a mug of David’s Tea Coco Chai Rooibus.  It just steeping now and I can’t wait to drink it…it’s just so relaxing and yummy!

Enough about my drinks of the day…back to the golf.  In usual golf fashion, there was some g0od, some bad, and some downright ugly!  For the most part, my driver was cooperating and I hit a few awesome fairway shots with my 3 wood.  I love it when my 3 wood cooperates – the sound that it makes when the connection is good is one of my favourite things.  After struggling with my putter the last few league nights, things seemed to get back on track today.  I had some really nice long putts, with great weight, that put us within 3 feet of the hole, and a couple just missed by inches, so that’s good news.  My Chapter Championships are this Sunday, so things seem to be heading in the right direction for that.  Phew!

I still haven’t done a thing for my next half marathon aside from pick which one I’m going to run.  I have to commit to the training program and start getting out there again.  I also need to get back on track with my Clean Eating.  This has been such a crazy week with working late and golfing, I haven’t had a chance to put a menu for the week together or hit the grocery store.  Hopefully I will be able to do both of those things on Saturday and get back on plan.  I’m feeling unmotivated and a bit blah and I think it’s because I’ve been eating crap and not getting enough exercise.  At some point I am just going to have to bite the bullet and get back to it.

My tomorrow is going to be another busy day in the life.  I better get to bed so I’ve got the energy to face it.

Hope you are managing to stay cool in this crazy heat.  Stay hydrated, my friends!



2 responses to “Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. Tony Carbon says:

    Glad to see you made it through the day! That 3wood ping is a lovely sound isn’t it 😉


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