My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

A Successful Saturday

on July 7, 2012

As far as I’m concerned, today was a pretty successful day.

The day started with a sleep in.  There was a bit of a thunderstorm at about 9am, which brought 2 kids running into our room and hopping into bed with us, but we all went back to sleep.  I eventually crawled out of bed at about 11am.  AWESOME!!!

After a quick trip to Nissan to pick up our truck that was in for servicing yesterday, I headed down to GolfTown to get my “power outfit” for the Chapter Championships tomorrow.  My team has opted for black shorts, red shirt, and a black hat.  The only piece of that equation that I already had was the black hat, so I had to go shopping!  I got a very nice pair of Adidas shorts and a Gordon Cooper shirt.  We are going to look pretty spiffy tomorrow.  I will post a picture for sure.

While I was on my way home from GolfTown I got a call from Jackson asking me if I wanted to go golfing with him this afternoon at Kettle Creek.  How could I say no to that!  Rory, Jack and I had a 2:40 tee off.  Kettle Creek is just a little course, with mostly par 3’s and a few par 4’s.  Jackson did really well and cranked lots of great drives, and was on the green in one on quite a few holes.  We had a great afternoon….and I even beat Rory!  That is the first time that has happened, so I guess I must be getting better!  Here are a few shots from our round.  Jacko lining up his drive (he landed on the green 97 yards away), Jacko admiring his drive, and Rory and Jack waiting for the group in front of us to finish up the hole.

After golf we had a throw together BBQ dinner since I didn’t make it to the grocery store today.  We had sausages and greek feta burgers.  It was still really nice outside, so we had a casual dinner in our “outdoor room” on the back deck.  Nick has the best seat in the house:

After dinner we watched the rest of Apollo 13.  That really is a great movie.  It’s now 10:45 and I have a decent chance of getting to bed by 11pm, which is good because I’ve got a big day tomorrow.  Although I just remembered I need to pick our menu for the week and put a grocery list together so Rory can go shopping tomorrow while I’m at golf.  I need to get back on the clean eating train and Monday is the day.

How was your Saturday?  Was it a success?  I sure hope so!


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