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Chapter Championships!

on July 8, 2012

Today was EWGA York-Simcoe’s Chapter Championships.  The Championships were held at Glen Cedars Golf Club near Pickering.  This is the same course where they were held last year and once again we played alongside the GTA Chapter since YS still has a very small group of ladies playing in the competitive tournaments.

This year I played as part of a scramble team.  Here we are before we tee’d off:

EWGA YS Scramble Team:   Marlene, Nycole, Michele, and me

For those not that familiar with golf, this is a team of 4 players and it is a best ball format.  Each person takes their drive off the tee, and then the team decides which ball is the best, and all players play their next shot from that best ball position.  This is done all the way until the ball is holed out.  The team must use each players drive at least 3 times.

To add to the excitement, this was the first time the four of us had actually played together.  In the end, we played really well as a team. Everyone contributed and when we needed a clutch chip or putt, someone always rose to the occasion.  We ended up 3 under par, and did not have a bogie hole all day.  When the handicap factor was figured into the scoring, our final score was -4.  Handicap factors take each players individual handicaps into account for the team score.  In total, we had a +1, 0, 0, and I was a -2 (since I have a pretty high handicap), which nets out to a -1 team factor, which will get us one additional stroke when we got to Sectionals.  Today we didn’t really need that stroke since we were the only scramble team competing for our chapter, but at Sectionals, we will be competing against the GTA and Waterloo chapters, as well as chapters from the Upper Mid East United States.

Here we are getting our trophies for the Low Gross Scramble Team!


We had a great day on the course and are already looking forward to the Sectionals in Niagara.  Woo!

While I was off golfing, I left a few chores for the boys to do while I was gone.  The most important of which was Rory doing some grocery shopping.  My clean eating has been way off for the last month or so, and tomorrow is the day things get back on track.  Last night while we watched our movie I went through my Clean Eating magazines and cookbooks and found some yummy things for us to eat this week.  On the menu for the week:

  • Roasted fennel with tomatoes and chick peas (since we never did find fennel to try this recipe out before
  • Singapore noodles (a family favourite)
  • Lean pork tenderloin with baked apples and maple cinnamon onions (this one just sounds amazing!!!)
  • Steak and Caesar salad (not sure how clean it is, but it was a special request by my steak-loving son)
  • Far Eastern chicken kebabs (a SupperWorks meal, that is also clean!)

My fridge is jam-packed with so many healthy veggies and lean cuts of meat.  I can’t wait to eat well and Clean all week.  Hopefully a few of these meals will lead to a few great left over lunches for me next week too.

Clean Eating


Well, once again, it has gotten quite late.  After my super busy weekend, I really need to get a good night’s sleep.  While I was searching for a Clean Eating image I stumbled across this pic about sleep.  It seems totally appropriate for me:

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Did you go anything exciting?  

Here’s hoping the week ahead is a good one!



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