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Totally Random Tuesday

on July 10, 2012

I have been having a bit of trouble coming up with a topic for a decent blog post.  I have lots of bits and pieces, but nothing really worthy of a full post.  So I have decided to institute Totally Random Tuesday, which will feature some of the random things that are on my mind.

This week’s Random thing….I want an iPhone.

I have a BlackBerry Torch.

I used to love it.  Now I hate it.  The battery doesn’t last a full day any more, although the battery level indicator still makes it seem like there is lots of charge left in it.  Between the dead batteries and the fact that it freezes all the time and needs to be reset, it is driving me nuts!

I have an iPad and I love it. So, I am thinking about going Apple making the switch to an iPhone but I’m not sure.

It’s the on-screen keyboard that I’m most uncertain about.  My BlackBerry has that option, but I always slide it open and use the regular keyboard.  I’ve heard you get used to the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard in about a week.  Plus, iPhone has all those awesome apps that just aren’t available on BlackBerry.  The iPhone is just so slick….and I want one.

I think I am due for a hardware upgrade soon and given the poor performance of my current BlackBerry, I am going to need a new phone.  I can get a new BlackBerry and that would be easy.  Or, I can make the switch to iPhone…but do I get one now, or do I wait for the iPhone 5?  I have been searching on the internet to see when iPhone 5 might be released.  Two different dates seem to be floating around:  August or October, with most of the speculators going with October.  I’m not sure if I can stick with my current phone until October…I’m not sure it will last that long!

So, my question for all you fellow bloggers…do I make the switch?


7 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. Tony Carbon says:

    I made the switch from Android to iPhone 2 years ago and it was the best decision I made. My Droid did the same thing your Blackberry did and I went through the same thing. My wife uses the Blackberry, and to tell you the truth, I’m trying to figure out how she gets anything done with that thing! Between rebooting, system being down, no email at times. not getting texts! That would drive me nuts! Switch! You’ll thank yourself later. For me. A cell phone I have to keep messing with is an unproductive day…Hope this helps 🙂

    Tony – The Head Duffer


    • cathyo says:

      I think I’m well on my way to switching. Just a little hesitant. I’m sure once I bite the bullet I will love it. It’s just hard taking that first step! Thanks for your feedback.


  2. playfulpups says:

    I have a blackberry torch, which I love, and an Iphone 4s which is my work phone. I’m of the old class, I still love my blackberry. I’ve found some great apps for my blackberry and find it easier to use. I am always doing something on my Iphone, like accidently hitting “mute” or “speaker” phone when I am talking. lol HOWEVER, I have heard rumors recently that blackberry is having a lot of difficulty and is facing bankruptcy/going out of business unless another company buys them. This would lead me to believe if you are having trouble with yours, it will probably only get worse.


    • cathyo says:

      I’ve heard those blackberry rumours as well. it’s all those little things you mentioned that make me nervous about making the switch. i’m sure I can figure it out…hopefully quickly!


  3. gtarallo says:

    I made the switch to the iPhone last year and am so happy with it. After similar troubles with my Blackberry, I considered a DroidX, which my my kids were using, but I decided to go with the iPhone. Since then, both my kids have also switched to the iPhone after problems with their Droids. My husband then also made the switch so we are now an all iPhone family! If you already use an iPad, you will have not trouble getting used to the keyboard. You will love it!


    • cathyo says:

      my kids would kill for an iPhone but i’m pretty sure they would just lose it, so they’ll have to wait until they are a bit older before they get one that I will pay for!


      • gtarallo says:

        Hahaha, yes…my kids are now in their 20’s, but they lost their share of phones when they were in high school. My son put one through the wash once and then another was dropped in the toilet. I don’t even want to know how that happened!!


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