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Magic Wednesday

on July 11, 2012

Tonight was a Girl’s Night Out.  I went to see Magic Mike with Toni, her friend Keltie and group of about 10 other ladies.  Let me tell you, we were not the only of ladies out at the movies tonight.  The place was crawling with us!

While Magic Mike will likely not win any Academy Awards, it sure was good fun.  There were definitely some hard bodies on that screen, and Channing Tatum sure knows how to shake that bootie!  Matthew McConaughey is completely believable in his role as the aging beefcake…doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch for him.

The movie was okay, good for some good laughs.  I’ve just read online that Magic Mike 2 is “in the works”.  While I’m pretty sure it won’t be any better, I’m also pretty sure that there will be another girl’s night out when it hits theatres!

I was late getting home from work and didn’t have much time between when I got home until when I was being picked up for the movie, so didn’t have time to eat with my family.  As a result, my dinner tonight consisted of a half a bag of movie popcorn, a few M&M almonds and a diet Pepsi.  Brutal.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner of the Clean Eating Roasted Fennel with Tomatoes, Chickpeas & Lemon.  I finally found some fennel and I have all I need to try the recipe.  The picture sure looks good.  I hope it tastes good too.  It’s sure a light meal, at only 205 calories per 1.5 cup serving.

Photo from July 2012 Clean Eating Magazine

I’ve never used fennel before, so I’m looking forward to trying it out.  I guess we will see tomorrow how close to the original mine looks when finished!

Well, once again, it is late…almost midnight.  When am I actually going to get my act together and get to bed at a decent hour? Obviously not today!

How was your Wednesday?  Have you seen Magic Mike?  What did you think?



4 responses to “Magic Wednesday

  1. Toni says:

    Hilarious!!!! Glad you came, was nice to see you 🙂 Magic Mike 2 huh?? Awesome! I’m in… Well hello Channing…..


  2. cathyo says:

    Next big date night…Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!!!


  3. amanda godin says:

    My gf’s and I were discused by the movie! Some hard bodies sure but the movie blew chunks! They are planning on making another one? Come off it! Thank god he can dance and as nice body but the guy is the worst actor on the planet! Ladies if u can take the stripping out of the movie everyone of u would agree its the worst movie ever made! All 8 of my girl friends agree! We won’t waste our money on a 2nd one! There’s talk about making one with all the hottest actresses in hollywood! I would be pissed if my bf would go there! And us women will be screaming our heads off if that happens! World is suck a double standard!


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