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We’re Back, Baby!!!

on July 23, 2012

Today was another insanely busy day at work.  In at 8am, out after 6pm, lunch at my desk.  Seems to be the norm these days.  It was a very productive day and I think I might be gaining the upper hand on my to do list.

Over my lunch of delicious, less-than-clean pizza, I dug my Torch out of its bag of rice, and gave Bell a call to see about turning it back on.  After dealing with Dude on the phone, reactivating the SIM card, turning it back on and making a test call….we have connection!  Wohoo!  Despite previous Bell Dude saying Torch’s do not come back from dunks in water, I am back online!  It’s a beautiful sight…and not just because of the Bon Jovi wallpaper!

I have heard that sometimes phones are not quite the same when they come back from a swim.  I guess the connections get a bit corroded as things dry out and the corrosion can cause things to get a bit iffy.  I really just want it to last until the new iPhone comes out.  Latest rumours are that it will be out in October or early November.  I’ve got faith in my Torch that it can make it that long!

My training program for my October half marathon officially started yesterday…and needless to say, I did not run.  I’m not sure running is a good idea just yet as I keep being told that I should be resting and letting my body recover a bit.  I will likely take the week off, but I really hope to get out there and run on the weekend.  I will have to do some research and see what they say about exercising with Shingles.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad for me because I really think that running is what I need to help reduce some of this stress.  I can’t believe I am saying this.  I have a very strange relationship with running.  Usually I hate it, but this time I think I might actually like it. Here’s hoping!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with running?  Any tips on how I can be more on the “love” side of that equation?


3 responses to “We’re Back, Baby!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    YEAH!!! So glad to see it’s working again!!! Just a little bit more happiness after enjoying your weekend! So glad to hear you had fun!


    • cathyo says:

      yep, I’m pretty happy it came back. I’m hoping this is the start of things improving for me. Phone is back, starting to feel like I’m making progress at work, and want to run. It’s all good!


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