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The Bump Came Back, It Couldn’t Stay Away

on July 26, 2012

Today is the start of my weekend!  After a horrendous couple of weeks, I’ve gotten myself caught up at work and I’m going to take a sick day tomorrow to try to get some rest.  I do have a couple of emails to send off tomorrow and likely a few things to approve for a few studies, but I’m going to be doing that from home instead of in the office.  Working from home will allow me to sleep in a bit, skip the 1 hour drive each way, and hopefully squeeze in a nap at some point in the day!

So, yesterday I mentioned that the bump on my head burst on my drive home from work.  It was freaky.  On directions from my doctor, when I got home I squeezed as much as I could out of the cyst .  I actually got enough goo out of it, that the bump was gone, and it was flat with a little divot.  It was totally weird not to have a bump…it had been there for as long as I can remember.

Well, today I woke up and guess what…just like the cat, the bump came back, it couldn’t stay away!  Whatever it is that is filling it up, is still working away under the surface.  I guess I will have to see what the dermatologist says when I see them for the appointment.

After work today I had a massage.  I was so looking forward to this massage. Normally it is because my legs need the relief from running. Today, I was looking forward to it purely for the relaxation side of it.  It was the best hour of my day!  While I was there, I was talking with my massage therapist about my last few weeks and how run down I am.  She is really into naturopathic remedies and suggested that I get a few things to help get myself back on track.  So, after my massage I was off to the health food store and $100 later, this is what I had:

Quite the little collection of supplements.

The GSF Complex is for adrenal support.  I used to take this a couple of summers ago when I was seeing a homeopath and mentioned I was having trouble sleeping.  I would be able to fall asleep, but not stay asleep.  I would wake up and then my mind would start going a hundred miles and hour and I wouldn’t fall back asleep.  Once I started taking the GSF I slept like a baby.  Hopefully taking it again will help me get a better night’s sleep and not be so exhausted.

The CoolB50 is a Vitamin B supplement.  This was supposed to be good for me since I am so stressed.  According to the product’s website, “Supplementing with B vitamins is often recommended for people exposed to high levels of stress, people with very active lifestyles, women addressing hormonal issues, and seniors.”  The stressed and active are definitely me!

The Calm is a magnesium supplement.  Magnesium is needed for our nerves and muscle cells.  According to the product website, there are many factors that will vary our magnesium needs.

  • The more stress you are under, the more magnesium you need.
  • The more you use your brain in thinking, the more magnesium you use.
  • The more active you are the more magnesium you use up.
  • The larger frame you are, they more magnesium you require.
  • Prescription drugs (and illegal drugs) and alcohol require extra magnesium
  • Your bones are 2:1 calcium/magnesium ratio while your brain is more like 2:1 Mg:Ca
  • Magnesium is depleted by caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, perspiration, stress, too much calcium
  • Magnesium is depleted every 12 hours from the body and should be replenished daily

Hopefully the addition of these three things into my routine will help my system sort itself out and prevent another Shingles flare up.  Here’s hoping! My half marathon training is about to kick into high gear, so I need to be 100% again…soon!

Do you take supplements?  Do you think they help, or are they just hype?



2 responses to “The Bump Came Back, It Couldn’t Stay Away

  1. Tony Carbon says:

    My sister takes some stuff called calmplex. She says it relaxes her in stressed out situations. I myself never thought that stuff worked but, who knows. I guess if you want it to work it will.

    Tony – The Head Duffer


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