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I Guess It’s Working!

on July 30, 2012

Yesterday was the first day of my Niagara Falls half marathon training schedule.  It was also the first time I had run since May 27 when I ran the Toronto Women’s Half.

The next time I decide to basically take 2 months off from running, someone please remind me what a bad idea that is!  Holy cow, am I sore today!  My quads ache, especially when I go down stairs, my hips ache, but only when I walk, and a bit surprising, but my obliques are a bit sore too!  I guess that means it’s working.  This is a workout quote, but I think it applies to running as well.

Here’s another one that I liked:


I am back to training and I am also going to make a better effort to eat well too…and for me that means Clean Eating.  Since I started cooking clean again yesterday, I had delicious leftover Roasted Fennel for lunch.  It is so good!  You really should try it.  See here for the recipe.  It’s quick, easy and so tasty!

Dinner was another Clean recipe.  This one was Lean Pork Tenderloin with Baked Apples & Maple Caramelized Onions.   This was another hit!  I am honestly surprised at how good all of these clean recipes are.  It makes me wonder why I didn’t start to eat clean sooner.  Out of all the recipes I have tried so far, there is only one that I wouldn’t make again – a chickpea burger.  Actually, I might make it again, I would just kick it up quite a bit with a lot more spices.  Anyways…back to tonight’s dish.  One of the best parts of this dish was the caramelized onions.  Oh My God!  They were so good.  I kept picking at them while I waited for the pork to cook in the oven.  Two red onions and a little olive oil is all you need:


The finished product looks good, and tastes even better!  While I waited for the pork to rest I simmered the sauce in the pan a little bit to try to thicken it up a bit, and then spooned it over the meat, apples and onions.  So, so, so GOOD!



Today was a rest day in my training schedule, but I am back at it tomorrow.  I’m due for 4km steady.  I plan to get up early and run before work, since it is too hot to run later in the day, and I have a ball hockey game at 7pm.  I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow night!

Hope you week got off to a good start.  |We are one day closer to the weekend 🙂 

I am in full countdown mode.  Starting Friday, I am on vacation…I CAN’T WAIT!!!


2 responses to “I Guess It’s Working!

  1. gtarallo says:

    Good for you getting back in running mode! Glad you are feeling better. Your recipes all sound so yummy too!


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