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on July 31, 2012

Today was a double workout day for me.

I started my day with a 4k “steady run”.  This is supposed to be a recovery run which is a nice comfortable run to get legs moving after long run on Sunday.  I was looking forward to this because I was achy after Sunday’s long run.  I was a bit disappointed though, because I took a few walk breaks, but I think I ran faster than usual when I was running since my time wasn’t too bad.  I am by no means a speed demon, but 24:19 for 4k is pretty good for me.

One of my goals for this round of training is to improve my speed.  That process will kick into high gear on Thursday when I do my first Tempo run of my schedule.  I’m not gonna lie…I am pretty nervous about it.  I’m supposed to do 4k at tempo pace – which apparently is 15 to 20 seconds faster than my race pace.  I am still shooting to finish a half in under 2:30, so that puts my race pace at 7:06 minutes/km.  This means my tempo pace is 6:46 to 6:51.  BUT, today’s 4k pace was 6:05!  That doesn’t make sense to me?  Jack Rabbit…if you read this, what’s the deal?  Should I make my tempo run faster than that?  I don’t know if I can realistically run the half any faster.  I’ve not been so successful at it to date.  Okay, if any of you runners out there have any insights into this, feel free to let me know.



My second workout of the day was a ball hockey game.  We were playing in the semi-finals to see who would play for the league championships.  We had a pretty short bench, and we played the top team in the league.  We lost 😦   We didn’t play all that horribly, we just couldn’t score.  We scored once (I got the assist), and the other team scored at least 6…they stopped putting up the other team’s goals after the differential got to 5.  So, now we will play for 3rd against whoever won the 9pm game tonight.  Doesn’t really matter to me…I’m on vacay next week and will miss the game anyway!  Despite the loss, the game was a pretty good workout.  With a short bench, we had to double shift quite a bit, which just meant more running…and all sprints, so hopefully that will help me get faster too!


Before I get to my tempo run on Thursday, I’ve got another steady run to do tomorrow.  I’ve got 6km on the schedule.  Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow morning.  It’s been pouring off and on for most of the day today.  I’m not a big fan of running in the rain.  I guess if it’s raining when I get up I will head to the basement and run ont he treadmill.  Not ideal, but I’m pretty sure if I don’t run in the morning, I won’t have the desire/energy to run after work.  Things are still nuts there, so when I get home I just want to be able to chill.

Vacay countdown is now at 4!!  Come on Friday!

Hope your Tuesday was a good one.  


4 responses to “Two-sday!

  1. Tony Carbon says:

    Good luck with the pace time! I give you all that run credit. Not for me!

    Tony – The Head Duffer


  2. Laura says:

    Great goal for your half! I wouldn’t worry about making your tempo harder– you’ll have days where you hit it easily, and days where it may feel extremely difficult.
    So glad you signed up for the virtual race!


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