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One More Sleep

on August 2, 2012

I’ve got one sleep and about 4 hours of work to get through before my vacation begins!  I can’t wait.

Today was a good day at work.  I think I’ve got everything under control and I can go on vacation and not stress (too much) about things back at the office.

After work, I had to run my tempo run.  I had set my alarm to get up and run before work, but my tummy felt a bit off and I didn’t think it would be wise to be out running in that state.  Right after work, I changed into my run gear, grabbed my Garmin and set up the virtual partner.  The schedule called for 4k.  I modified that down to 3k, since Jack Rabbit Kathy tells me I should not be stopping on my weekday steady or tempo runs.  So, since I can’t yet run 4k at my slow pace without stopping, I was pretty sure that trying to run 4k at Tempo pace would just be setting myself up for failure.  That didn’t sound like a good way to start my tempo run experience off, so I made the decision to drop it down to only 3k.  It would still be a challenge since I’m pretty sure I haven’t run 3k without stopping in quite a while other!

I set my Garmin for 3k at a pace of 6:40/km, since that’s the pace that Kathy says I should be running my tempos at.  It was pretty hot outside (27 degrees Celcius, feeling like 32)  so I wasn’t too crazy about that, but I had to run it, that’s all there was to it!   I made a decision to leave my iPod at home so I wouldn’t have to worry about skipping through songs that are not good to run to.   This just hammers home the fact that I need to get my iPod updated with some better running songs on it.  (More on that later.)

Overall, I think I had a pretty good first tempo run.  I managed to run the entire run without stopping (YAY ME!!!), and I came pretty close to my goal of 6:40/km.  My actual pace was 6:48/km, so only 8 seconds per km off target.  I think that’s pretty good.  I probably started off a bit too fast.  For the first km or so, I was ahead of my goal…and then came the hill part of my run.  It took a bit out of me and the heat started to get to me too, and I ended up slowing down a bit.  Still, overall I’m pretty pleased with the run.  Next week I will try for a 4k tempo run and see how that goes….but that’s a whole week away.  Lots of other runs to finish between now and then!

Tomorrow and Saturday are both rest days on my new schedule – how awesome is that!!!  

My next run will be Sunday’s long run, which I will do at the cottage.  I have to decide if I will try the scheduled 10k, or just do 8, since it will only be my second long run.  Maybe I should split the difference and run 9km.  I need to get my tunes lined up before then, since I don’t think I can listen to myself breath like I’m dying for and hour or so.  Listening to it for 3k today was bad enough!

My quest for good running tunes will definitely include a stop on a fellow blogger’s site.  Janice, over at The Fitness Cheerleader, is having an August Blogging Challenge.  I’m not personally participating in it, since I wasn’t sure I would have time this month, with vacation and the insanity of work, but my sister is doing it.  The topic of the first challenge was Top 5 Workout Tunes.  I am going to go over and check out what everyone said are their favourite tuns to workout/run to and try to find them and update my playlist.  Don’t get me wrong, I like all the songs I’ve got on my iPod, it’s just that many of them are not great tunes to run to.  Most of them are classic rock songs and I think I may need some more recent, upbeat stuff to help keep me going while I am out there hauling my ass all over town!

So, with my Tempo run done, this blog  post almost finished, and Big Brother waiting for me on the PVR, I think it’s time for me to sign off, go make some popcorn, park my butt on the couch, and watch some tube!

Do you have any great tunes that keep you going while you run?  Let me know what they are and I will add them to my new, upbeat playlist!



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