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Totally Random Tuesday

on August 14, 2012

Here are a few of the random things going on in my life today.

I didn’t go for my run today. 😦 I had my alarm set to get up at 6:45 and go before work and it wasn’t raining so I could have…had I not been up all night with my son, Jack. He has been complaining about a sore ear. The little guy was suffering all night and didn’t get too much sleep, so neither did I. Hubs took him to the clinic after work tonight. Turns out he has swimmer’s ear. We’ve got some drops for his ear and hopefully it will clear up soon…and we can get some sleep tonight.

I played golf today. After missing a week of my league when I was up at the cottage last week, it was a bit weird to be back on the course. Apparently I should take some time off more often. I had a pretty good round. I shot 51, which for me is pretty good. I’m still 2 shots off my goal for the season of breaking 50. I’m getting close, but still haven’t quite made it. I’ve got another month or so to pull a great game out and hit in the 40’s for the first time!

Tonight’s round was the second game of my match play ladder. It was a pretty close match with me winning three holes, Carol winning three holes, and we tied three holes. Which meant we had to go into a playoff! We went back to the first hole and by this time isn’t was getting towards dusk and it was getting hard to see the ball. I had a great drive and then the wheels fell off. I ended up shooting a 9 (after getting a 6 the first time around). Carol also did not have a great hole, shooting a 7. I did get a stroke one the hole, but not enough to win. So, my match play career is over for the season. It was a fun addition to the golf season this year. I think it did help my game as I was just concerned with each single hole as it came rather than continuing to stress over a bad hole. I will have to try to keep that mental focus next time I’m out there on the course.


The kids are loving their iPhones! They have been adding apps and today went to pick out their cases for them. They had a fun time playing with Siri. They found a website that has 100 fun things to ask Siri. They had quite a few good laughs. One disappointing thing about Siri is that she doesn’t have Canadian maps and location information. Hopefully Apple creates a Canadian Siri update soon. Seeing all the cool,things that the phone can do really makes me want one even more. Come on iPhone 5″…mommy wants a new phone!!

4k or 6k?. Since I missed today’s run, I need to decide if I am going to make it up and run 4k steady tomorrow or just forget it and run what is on the schedule for Wednesday, which is 6k steady. I’m a bit nervous on running 6k steady since I’ve only made 4k steady once! I guess I will see tomorrow! Oh crap..I just remembered I’ve got a massage tomorrow night at 8. Hopefully I can get home from work in time to get at least 4k in before my massage. I’m certainly not running after my massage, and it’s too late now for me to get up and run before work.

Man, I really need to get to bed earlier. When will I learn?.

How do you fit it all in?


4 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. gtarallo says:

    Congrats on that 51! I’m also trying to break 50 for 9 holes or 100 for 18 at some point as well. The closest I’ve gotten is a 53 for 9, 106 for 18. Some day!


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