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Funk Day is OVER!!!

on August 15, 2012

Today was a bit of a funk day for me.  I just felt blah all day. 

I was hoping that a run and a massage would help shake it off…but the funk was gone before I even got my running shoes on.  Want to know why?  Well, it’s because I came home to find this little bundle of goodies in the fridge for me:

inny lunch

My sister, Erin, sent me a BBM earlier today and told me she dropped a little something off in my fridge to help get rid of my funk.  How awesome is she…she put together a wonderful Clean Eating lunch for me for tomorrow!  I haven’t opened it up, but I’m pretty sure that it is Spinach and Turkey Sausage Pizza. She made this for dinner last night, and loves leftovers as much as I do, so I think it’s pretty amazing of her to give some to me.  There are also 2 Backpack Peanut Butter Kisses (they are yummy, I’ve made them before), a plum, and a Vega Vibrancy  Bar.  I have no idea what a Vega bar is, but I’m looking forward to trying it. 

Coming home to find this in my fridge just put the biggest smile on my face.  I really do have the best sister EVER.  She is absolutely my best friend.  Love you, Inny.  xo


After coming home to my wonderful lunch surprise, I was immediately in a better mood and actually excited to go for my run. Hubs was out at a meeting, so I bbq’d up some hot dogs for the boys and then hit the road.  I ran 4k steady, and didn’t hate it!  I’m making progress!  And check out that average pace!  Watch out Speedy Gonzales…I’m coming for you Smile

4k steady

After my run I had time for a quick shower and then I was off for my massage…and it was awesome.  My calves have been so tight when I run (most days I have to stop and stretch them out about 10 minutes into my runs), so it was perfect timing to have a massage to help work them out a bit.  Apparently my left calf and right quad are both quite tight.  I really need to make a better effort to stretch more.  Add it to the list!  LOL…

Tonight was Big Brother.  Hubs and I have a bit of a BB addiction.  We watched it on PVR after the boys went to bed.  I think I heard the best line ever tonight, courtesy of Frank:  “It’s just like the drunk girl at prom.  You know she is going to throw up, you just don’t want her to throw up on your shoes.”  I can’t remember what the context was that he was making that comparison, but who cares…it is friggin’ hilarious! 

Overall, my day went from funk to fab.  Good run, relaxing massage, and awesome Clean lunch for tomorrow.  I’m a happy girl.  Now I just need to get some sleep! 

Do you run to get out of a funk?

Do you have the second best sister in the world?  You can’t have the worlds’ best sister…because I do! 


2 responses to “Funk Day is OVER!!!

  1. Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me says:

    Glad I could put a smile on your face, hope you enjoy it! Not sure about the vega bar…I think I’ve tried it, but can’t remember if I actually ate it, or threw it out after one bite:)


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