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Lunch, Trashy TV and “Baby Got Back”

on August 16, 2012

My day got off to a busy start, getting a car to the dealership to have a strange noise and tire pressure light looked into.  I took the Rogue to Nissan, Rory got the kids organized to get out the door for camp and then came to get me and we would drive into work together.  As we were driving down the highway, heading into the city, I realized that I forgot my lunch in the fridge.  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal and I would just take it tomorrow, but this was the lunch that my sister made for me to get me out of my funk yesterday.  I couldn’t believe I forgot it.  Hubs asked how badly I wanted it and got off the highway and drove home so I could get it.  What a great guy! 

And what a great lunch:

inny lunch

I was right…inside the tinfoil was the most amazing Eat Clean Spinach and Turkey Sausage Pizza.  It was delicious and really filling.

spinach sausage pizza

While the pizza, peanut butter kisses and plum were all very good, the Vega Bar was not the best thing I have ever eaten.

vega bar

This was my first Vega bar, and I think it might be my last.  I actually couldn’t eat the whole thing.  It was just a bit too weird for me.  It was very gritty with all the seeds, and had a very interesting (to be read as “bad”) flavour.  I couldn’t quite figure out what the Green Synergy flavour was supposed to taste like. Not quite dirt, but not much better!  LOL.

I missed my run today as we had to go to the mall to get the kids some shirts for next week’s final sailing club dance of the season.  Next Friday is their awards night and wrap up dance.  The girls all get dressed up in skirts or dresses and all look very nice.  The boys don’t go as far as suits or anything, but do try to look nice.  So, we hit Old Navy and got them some button down shirts that they can pair with a nice pair of shorts and look fairly presentable for the last dance.  This week’s dance is a “what not to wear” dance.  The boys are looking forward to wearing stripes and plaid and black knee socks with their crocs.  Should be quite horrible, which is exactly what they want!

I am hoping to make up my run tomorrow.  I’m supposed to have a day off in my schedule tomorrow, but since I didn’t run today, I don’t think I should take tomorrow off anymore.  It’s a tempo run, and I shouldn’t miss those.  I’m hoping to work from home tomorrow, so I’m going to use my normal drive time to run instead.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

**SPOILER ALERT: the next paragraph is about Big Brother. If you are on the West Coast and haven’t watched it yet tonight, skip it! Smile

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s Big Brother night!  I’m watching as I write.  It is complete trash TV and I LOVE it!  I wonder who will get evicted tonight!  I hope it’s Joe. Bummer…they just did the votes and Wil is out. That’s too bad.  I didn’t think he would win, but I though he was fun.

I follow quite a few blogs and have read some really interesting things about fitness and food.  One blog that I follow is Cult Fit.  This afternoon they sent out a bonus blog that had this really neat video of the song “Baby Got Back” as sung by the movies.  Check it out:

Are you a Big Brother addict?

Have you tried a Vega bar?  Did you like it?  Are there better flavours that I should try?


2 responses to “Lunch, Trashy TV and “Baby Got Back”

  1. Love BB 🙂 I’m cheering go Dan and Ian!!


  2. cathyo says:

    anyone, but Boogie would be fine with me. It would be great if Ian won.


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