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The Friday Five

on August 17, 2012

The week is over – Woot Woot!.  Time for the Friday Five!


1.  I have discovered a new flavour of David’s Tea.  My new favourite is Mint Chocolate Rooibus.  OMG…it it like drinking mint chocolate chip ice cream. Heavenly!  I am going to try to have this as my 3pm hit the wall treat, instead of having a diet coke or eating crappy snacks out of the cupboards in the kitchen at work.  It is smooth, minty, with a hint of chocolate to satisfy my cravings.  Yummo!

mint choc rooibus

2.  I upped the distance on my tempo run today. Three weeks ago, I did my first tempo run and managed to barely complete 3k.  Last week I did 3.5k, and today, I managed to run 5k at tempo pace!  Wohoo!

garmin tempo

I am eventually supposed to work myself up to 8k tempo runs.  It may take me a while to get there, since I don’t think I could run 8k steady yet.  Hopefully over the next 8 weeks I’ll be able to go a little bit further and a little bit faster every week.

3.  I’m loving my new run tunes.  The running music collections that I found last week continue to be amazing.  It’s so nice not to have to futz with the music on my runs.  For years I have had the same songs on my iPod which are basically all classic rock tunes.  I’ve added a bit of newer stuff, but still, most of my songs are not really good for getting into a running grove and maintaining it for any length of time.  Now, with these 184 running tunes, accounting for 11.5 hours of music, I am good to go anytime.  I no longer have to worry about skipping tracks or trying to keep myself moving quickly to an Adele love song.  I don’t know what I didn’t do this sooner…but I’m so glad I finally did it.


4.  It’s another weekend at the cottage!


We are heading up tonight after Hubs gets home from work and we get the cars packed.  Yes, I said cars.  We need to take two cars with us, since although next week was supposed to be a holiday for us and we were going to stay at the cottage for the week, I am too busy at work, and can’t swing a whole week off right now.  So, I will go up for the weekend and stay up for Monday as well – since my baby turns 13 on Monday and I can’t miss being with him on his big birthday.  Then Monday night I will head back home and go into work for 3 days before I head to Niagara Falls on Friday for my EWGA Sectional Golf Championships (more on that event in a future post!)  I’m a bit bummed about not being able to get that last week up at the cottage, but I’ve got a big study on the go and I need to get results to a client by the end of the week. Hopefully I will be able to make up the missed holidays later in the year.  Although I have no idea when I will be able to squeeze 3 weeks of holidays in between now and Christmas. 

5. My goal for the weekend:  LOTS OF SLEEP!  I am still so tired.  I am not sleeping well at all and most days I wake up still feeling completely exhausted.  All I can think right now is if I get this post done in the next 10 minutes, I can maybe squeeze a half hour nap in before the boys get home from camp and we need to start packing their stuff for the cottage.  I know I keep saying it, but at some point I am going to have to figure out a way to get to bed earlier.  The simplest thing to do would to be just to head up to bed at a more reasonable hour and not allow myself to read blogs in bed.  I can spend hours reading through posts on different topics of interest. I just find it so interesting to read about how people are working so hard to eat well and exercise and they all have such great ideas and recipes that I can’t stop reading.  I will have to learn to put the iPad down, turn out the light and GO TO SLEEP! 

tired woman

There you have it…this week’s Friday Five.

By the way, that nap is not going to happen.  The dealership just called and my car is ready. Off to pick it up and then come home and pack.  Ugh.  Oh well, I’m pretty sure there is a nice, cold Corona waiting for me up at the cottage!

Happy Weekend, everyone!



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