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14k Long Run Day

on August 19, 2012

Today was my long run.  14k…and it was tough.  I was running on cottage country roads and there was a killer hill at the half way point.  It must have been at least a kilometer long and it felt like it was never going to end.  I did walk part of it, but the part I did run was at a snail’s pace…I felt like I was moving backwards at times.  I was doing an out an back run, so I did get to enjoy the downhill after making my turnaround.  In the end, this week’s 14k was just a couple of minutes slower than last week’s and I’m sure it was due to that never ending hill! Here’s how my run looked when finished.

aug 19 long run

The best thing about hauling my ass all over cottage country is that it burned 941 calories.  That means I don’t really have to worry too much about what I eat today.  That being said, I still tried to avoid eating crap, but I certainly had a good appetite today!

The run did make me pretty tired, and I tried my best to stay awake all day, but at 4:45 I finally caved and came over to our sleeping cabin and crawled into bed for a half hour lie down before we had guests coming for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 5:30.  I didn’t sleep, but it was still nice to just relax and chill in some piece and quiet. The kids were all playing Minecraft in the main cottage and their excitement with the game (i.e. yelling at each other) was driving me nuts!  A half hour of alone time was just what I needed.

Tonight was my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner.  He wanted to prepare a pasta dish he had had once before and really enjoyed.  It is a Jamie Oliver recipe, and It was quite good.  Other than the fact that he made it with regular white pasta, it was also fairly clean.  It was quite tasty. and looked quite impressive.  Here’s the picture of the dish as shown on Jamie Oliver’s website, where you can also find the recipe.

jamie oliver pasta

Since it was his birthday, we also had chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.  I didn’t feel the least bit guilty eating it after all those calories I burnt off on my run!  Plus, after we cleaned up the kitchen and got the kids to bed, we went for a half hour or so walk around the point.

Now it’s late and I am exhausted.  I can’t wait to get this post uploaded, turn off all the lights, and get back into my book I’m reading.  That’s one of the best things about reading on an iPad.  You don’t need any lights, so you don’t have to get back out of bed to turn anything off.  Just close up the iPad, roll over, and off to dreamland!

Tomorrow is a rest day on my training schedule.  Yay!  The kids are going to sailing club for the morning and I’m going to lay around a read some more.  I’m supposed to be on holidays this week, but work is too busy and I can’t take it off. I am however, taking tomorrow, since it is my oldest son’s 13th birthday tomorrow and I can’t miss that!  We will have his birthday dinner and I will head back to the city after dinner.  Rory and the boys will have to survive the rest of the week without me.  I’m sure they will manage!

Did you do your long runs today?  How did they go?

Read any good books lately?


2 responses to “14k Long Run Day

  1. runninghaiku says:

    I make almost this same recipe and love it leading up to races but I use spinach instead of arugula. Nice work on finishing the run.


    • cathyo says:

      The spinach would be nice. The arugula gave it a bit of a bitter taste which I don’t think the spinach would. That run did kick my ass a bit, but it felt great to finish . 🙂


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