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The Friday Five

on August 31, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone!  The last official week of summer has come to and end and the Labour Day Long Weekend is upon us.  Time for the Friday Five.


1.  I am completely addicted to Big Brother!  I even watched last night’s episode twice!  My hubby had baseball at 7 and then had to go to the bar with his buddies, so didn’t get home until well after 10pm.  I couldn’t wait, and watched the show live.  When hubs got home from ball, he asked if I had already watched and was a bit disappointed that I watched without him.  He asked if he could watch on PVR now instead of me watching whatever it was that I flipped to after Big Brother ended.  Since I had zero investment in whatever I was watching I agreed and re-watched it with him.  It was just as good the second time!  After watching it twice, here are my thoughts on last night’s episode:  -  Dan is brilliant, and I think quite possibly the best Big Brother player of all time
-  Ian has no idea how to argue
-  I will not miss Brittany and her constant whining!

2.  I’m running a virtual 10 mile race this weekend

My training schedule for the Niagara Falls half marathon has me doing 16k this weekend…which happens to be 10 miles.  I figured since I needed to run that far anyways as part of my training, I may as well enter the virtual race and try to win a prize.  The race is being hosted by fellow blogger Mommy, run fast! and she has some great prizes lined up.  For information about the race, click here…there is still time to sign up (there is a 5 mile option too).

3. Summer is coming to a close.  This means back to school for the kids and back to crappy commutes to work for me!  I’m also hoping it means back to a normal routine and schedule for both work life, exercise, life with the kids, and food.  This summer has proven to be a bit of a challenge for me on the food front.  With time spent at the cottage, kids staying at the cottage longer than expected (which just means I stay at work longer since I don’t need to be home with them), hubs and my sports schedules, training runs, and life in general, I have found it tough to prepare clean eating meals on a regular basis.  I’m hoping that once we get back into our usual routine I can get back to cooking and eating clean.  I was doing very well with it in the spring, so hopefully I can find my groove again this fall. 

eat clean get lean

4.  I am going to be taking part in Fitness Cheerleader’s September Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge.  This is a blogging challenge where each day a topic is given and you write about it, then link back to Janice’s site and you can see what other bloggers have written about the same topic.  I’m interested in this because there are some days when I just can’t think of anything to write about, and this gives me 31 interesting blog topics.  Also, it will likely be a great way to pick up new tips on fitness and nutrition and expose me to more great blogs out there that I have yet to stumble upon.  Look for the first writing challenge topic tomorrow.SeptemberWritingChallenge-e1346381228528

5.  It’s a long weekend!  The Labour Day long weekend officially marks the end of summer, but we do get one last long weekend up at the cottage before we head back to the school year routine.  The forecast for this weekend looks amazing!  There is a slight chance of rain Sunday, but they are calling for hot and sunny for most of the weekend. While this is great for sitting on the dock and drinking beer, I also need to run 16k this weekend, and it sounds like I will need to get up early Sunday morning and get my run in before it gets too hot or starts to rain.  I’m actually looking forward to my run…which is very weird for me…and the part I’m actually looking forward to the most is the killer hill at my 7k mark.  Now that I look at it on gmap-pedometer, it actually goes on for almost 2k. Yikes!!!

the hill

That hill kicked my ass last time….this week it will be my turn to kick it back.  My newly discovered determination is going to get me up that hill and when I get to the top I may just do a happy dance! Smile I will let you know how it goes.

Well, there you have it, another edition of the Friday Five.  I hope your week flew by and that you’ve got great things lined up for this last long weekend of the summer.

Are you sad to see the end of summer?

How do you stick to your clean eating routine when things get hectic?


One response to “The Friday Five

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for the share- hope you have a great 10 mile run! Yes- it’s definitely hard to stick to good eating habits as life gets hectic. We rely on lots of crock pot healthy meals for busy days, and I try to keep prepped veggies and lots of fruit around for easy snacking. Hope back to school is a smooth transition for everyone!


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