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September Writing Challenge #1: Describe your pre and post workout routines

on September 1, 2012

Today is the first day of the September Fitness/Blogger Writing Challenge. I’m excited to be taking part in this challenge, and looking forward to picking up lots of great tips and finding some new blogs to follow.

So, today’s topic is pre and post workout routines. The only “workout” I do these days is running, and my routines are pretty thin…almost non-existent.

My pre-run routine is this.
– change into run clothes
– grab iPod loaded with my great new running tunes
– grab my Garmin
– if doing a longer run, grab my water belt and run nutrition (GU shots and Honey Stingers)
– I try to stretch a bit but it is really only a few seconds of quad and calf stretches while I wait for my Garmin to pick up the satellites
– and then I’m off.

My post-run routine is even worse! In fact, I really don’t have one. I usually grab a glass of ice water, then I have a shower and get on with the rest of my day if it is a morning run, or I put on my pj’s and hit the couch to watch some tube and usually write my blog. I know I should be doing more stretching, but by the time I am finished my run all I want to do is hit the showers and sit on the couch if I’m running after work, or I run before work I am usually so pressed for time I’m directly into the showers to get ready for work.

I get to put my routines into action tomorrow as I’m doing a 16k long run. I’m meeting my husband’s cousin, Lianne, at 8:30am and she is going to keep me company while I haul my butt all over cottage country. She is training for the Chicago marathon and did 36k on Thursday as her long run, but thought a little 16k jog with me would fit with her schedule. I’m happy for the company, but she may regret this because I am WAY slower than she is!

What are your pre and post workout routines?
Got any advice at how I can improve mine?


9 responses to “September Writing Challenge #1: Describe your pre and post workout routines

  1. Your routines seem a lot like mine!

    I’m hoping to do about the same distance as you tomorrow. Enjoy your run. 🙂


    • cathyo says:

      Yes, our routines, or lack thereof, do sound very similar. How did your run go today? Mine was quite nice…with good company and a few minutes faster than usual, so all good!


  2. Definitely stretch! It’s totally a hassle but so important!


  3. fitnesscheerleader says:

    I don’t stretch nearly enough either 😦


  4. I have to stretch after every workout or my body gets tight throughout the day. You can read my routine at


    • cathyo says:

      Yes, I really need to work on getting stretching into my routine. After the few comments I had yesterday I did try to stretch a bit today. I managed 5 minutes or so. Hopefully I can get better at this because I did feel like I was seizing up a bit as the day wore on…which reminds me, it’s probably time for my next dose of Aleve! Happy running!


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