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September Writing Challenge #3: Supplements & Vitamins

on September 3, 2012

Welcome to day 3 of the September Writing Challenge! Today’s topic is “Do you take supplements and vitamins? If so, which ones and why?”

While I don’t consider my self a big supplement taker, I do have a few things that fall into this category. Having said that, there is really only one that I try to take on a daily basis.


This GSF Complex is for adrenal support. I have taken this supplement off and on for a few years now. I was seeing a homeopath nutritionist for a natural cleanse and weight loss program 2 summers ago, and mentioned to her that i was having trouble sleeping. I would fall asleep easily enough, but often wake up in the middle of the night. When I would wake up, my mind would start going a hundred miles and hour and I wouldn’t fall back asleep. When she heard this she didn’t hesitate to recommend this adrenal support complex. She said it would help my brain be able to “turn off” at night. I was so tired at the time I gave it a try. Almost immediately, I was sleeping through the night. Now that I am once again not having the best sleeps, I’ve started to take one tablet every morning. It seems to be working, since if I wake up in the night, I can usually just roll over and go right back to sleep. Now I just need to work on going to bed earlier so I can get more hours of sleep each night!

Lately I’ve been under a lot of stress at work. I mentioned this, along with the fact that I haven’t been sleeping that well, to my massage therapist, Alaina . She agreed that I should start taking the GSF complex again, and also suggested I take a B Complex as they help with stress. After my massage I hit the health food store and spoke with someone there, telling them I needed a B Complex for stress. This is what they recommended:

According to the product’s website, “Supplementing with B vitamins is often recommended for people exposed to high levels of stress, people with very active lifestyles, women addressing hormonal issues, and seniors.” The stressed and active are definitely me!

Alaina also suggested I take a magnesium supplement which would also help with the stress and sleep. She said there was a magnesium powder that is mixed like a tea and taken a half hour before bed. The guy at the health food store knew exactly what I was referring to and gave me this:

He said if I drank the ” tea” about a half hour before going to bed I would ” sleep like a baby”. What he didn’t tell me is that it tastes horrible! To me, it tastes like aspirin. The directions say you can mix it with a juice or other drink, but that just seems to make your other drink taste awful too. I haven’t been too good about taking this one, but when I do, I just chug it and then have a nice cup of one of my David’s Teas to get rid of that awful flavor.

The final product that likely falls into the supplement category is protein powder. I do not have a regular brand or type, but usually always get vanilla so it can go into just about anything. This is the bottle that I am working on now:

I use protein powder in smoothies, some recipes and most often in my favourite breakfast, an oatmeal pancake. Here is the super simple recipe. Give it a try!

1/2 cup egg whites
1/2 cup quick oats
1tbsp flax seed
1 tbsp honey (could also use stevia, but would likely want to reduce the amount used or it would be very sweet)
1 scoop protein powder
Dash of cinnamon
Mix all ingredients in a bowl and dump into frying pan, cooking for a few minutes on each side until done. You could also add in chia seeds or hemp hearts if you wanted. It is also good with a few chocolate chips and I’m sure raw cacao nibs would also be delicious as well. This is a quick, easy and super filling breakfast. I hope you give it a try. Let me know how you like it!

Do you take vitamins or supplements? Which ones and why?

Have you got any quick and great recipes that use protein powder?


2 responses to “September Writing Challenge #3: Supplements & Vitamins

  1. […] 5.  PowerCakes.  I’m still working my way through this blog.  There are so many amazing recipes on this site.  Her “trademark” recipe is her PowerCakes…a very healthy pancake that gives you "power" to get through your day! I didn’t know it, but apparently I’ve been eating my own version of a powercake for quite a while now…my favourite Oatmeal Pancake.  You can find my recipe here. […]


  2. I’m catching up on all the blog posts 🙂

    I’ll have to try the one for insomnia (I never sleep!) And OMG I make almost the same pancake recipe! It’s so yummy!

    My supplement list from my first bodybuilding competition was pretty long because I had to 1) lose 50 lbs., 2) gain lean muscle mass. But don’t worry – my list is shorter this time around (just building muscle!)



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