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September Writing Challenge #4: Training Schedules

on September 3, 2012

Welcome to day 4 of the September Writing Challenge. Today’s topic is a typical week’s training schedule.

I am going to be running the Niagara Falls Half Marathon on October 21, so currently all of my training revolves around preparing for that run. My friend Kathy created a training schedule for me that will hopefully help me meet my goal of 2:30 for the half.

My training schedule has me running 4 days a week:
Sunday: Long run day. So far, I am up to 16k for my long run. Next week I’ve got 18k on the schedule! Yikes!
Monday: Rest day! One of my favourite days! Gives my legs a bit of a rest before I get back to it Tuesday.
Tuesday: This is my steady run day. When I first started my training, I couldn’t run 4k steady. Kathy told me this meant that I was trying to go too fast. I adjusted my pace and it made a huge difference. I am now up to a 6k steady run and will eventually up that distance to 8k. When I get there, that will likely be the furthest I will have ever run without stopping.
Wednesday: Early in my schedule this was another steady run day. Now it is my hill training day. This week I’ve got 6 hills to run. The hill that I run is almost 500m long, and it is tough. Last week was my first week of hill training with 5 hills. It was a challenge, but I did it and was pretty happy with my times. I’m almost looking forward to this week’s hill day. Craziness!
Thursday: Thursdays are my tempo run day. I have not done tempo runs in probably 5 years, and never went further than 3k, so when I first started them on this schedule, they were killer. I actually couldn’t run it without stopping. Once again, Kathy adjusted my pace, and I am now up to almost 6k for my tempo run. It is still a very hard run for me, but I am slowly getting better. This week I am hoping to get to that 6k mark. By the end of my program, I’m hoping to be able to run a full 8k at tempo pace.
Friday: Fridays are a rest day on my schedule. I love them! They come at a perfect time since I’m pretty wiped after running three days in a row.
Saturday: Saturday is another rest day on my schedule and is my favourite training day! I don’t have to run, plus since its a weekend day, I get to sleep in!

In addition to my half marathon schedule, while its not exactly training, I play 9 holes of golf every Tuesday evening, where I walk the course and push my clubs. This adds a walk of about 3.5-4km depending on how straight my shots are…which often aren’t that straight at all! I will be golfing until the end of September when my league comes to an end.

Starting next Thursday I will be adding a hockey game to my schedule. My winter hockey season starts and will give me one hour of ice time a week. I can’t wait to get back on the ice. Normally I play summer hockey, but this summer we didn’t have enough girls who could commit, some didn’t submit a team. Hopefully all of my running will have kept my legs in good shape for the hockey season.

That’s the plan. Reality is I often miss one of the mid-week runs, and sometimes even 2 depending on what is going on at work or home. Fitting it all in is a challenge. Today, for example, I set my alarm for 6:30 and was prepared to get up and go, but there was thunder and lightening, so I thought I better not go out in that. Now, I need to try to squeeze in 6k after work. If it is still raining, I will not be golfing and could run on my treadmill, but I really want to avoid the treadmill this training program if I can. I so prefer running outside, but tonight I may not have a choice. 😦

Well, there you have it! Seeing it all written down it doesn’t surprise me that I’m pretty tired these days!

What does your training schedule look like?


5 responses to “September Writing Challenge #4: Training Schedules

  1. Wow! That is a busy schedule :)!


  2. Nice schedule. I find that it’s helpful to go for a very short run or walk the day after a long run to help with recovery, but that’s just me.

    You can read about my training schedule here.


  3. It’s good you are mixing up your training routine. Hills are great for speed and endurance.

    Here is my (very tardy) training schedule for bodybuilding:



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