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Virtual 10 Mile Race

on September 3, 2012

Today I had a long run of 16k or 10 miles, which happened to be the distance of the Labor Day Virtual 5 & 10 Mile Race sponsored by Mommy, Run Fast! I figured since I was running that far, I might as well sign up for the virtual race and try to win a prize.

I was running up at the cottage and managed to con my hubby’s cousin to run with me. Lianne is training for the Chicago marathon in October and already did her long run for the week on Thursday – a short 36k! I mentioned I was running today and when she heard it was 16k she asked if I wanted some company. I was quick with my response “sure…just be prepared to run slow!”. She didn’t seem concerned with the speed and was just happy to go for a run, so she was in.

We met this morning at 8:30 and hit the road. It helped to get me out of bed, knowing that I had to meet Lianne. She said it helped her get up and moving too knowing that I would be waiting for her too. Just another reason why it’s nice to run with a friend!

Our route took us up the hill from hell – the 2k steady uphill climb that kicked my ass a few weeks ago when I had to walk up part of it. This week, I was determined to run all the way…and you know what? I did it!! I ran all the way up, not very fast at some points, but I did not stop! It was hard, but didn’t feel like it was killing me, which was nice. I was tired when I got to the top, but it didn’t wear me out, which was good because we had to run 1k past the hill to reach our half way point.

The best part of running up a long hill is when you turn around to go back, you get to run down that hill. I am getting better at downhills, and just kept thinking about a tip my sister gave me to lengthen my stride on the downhill. I was able to do this and it felt great…nice and smooth and almost effortless.

Overall, the run was good, and I finished in 1:57, so just under 2 hours. For the first half I managed about a 7 min/km pace, but slowed down quite a bit on the second half, and in the end finished with a pace of 7:21. That pace is a new long run record for me. I tend to be in the 7:31-7:41 min/km pace on most long runs, so I’m getting faster! In the end the final run stats looked like this:

Can you guess the best part of running 16k this morning? Burning nearly 1100 calories and not having to worry about what I ate today or feel guilty about sitting in a Muskoka chair all day and doing nothing! I had the best afternoon sitting in the sun, watching the kids play on the dock. They fished, they went for rides in the punt, they swam, and generally made the most of the last real summer weekend at the cottage.

I meant to get a picture of Lianne and I when we were done, but by the time we finished all I wanted to do as get a cold glass of water and I forgot! I did do a little bit of stretching after my run today since the feedback I got on yesterday’s workout routine post was all that I need to stretch. I know it wasn’t enough of a stretch, since it was only about 5 minutes worth, but that’s about 5 minutes more than usual!

I would have to say that my first virtual race was a huge success! I have entered my time for my virtual race and will find out later in the week if I was lucky enough to win one of the great prizes. it would be nice for sure, but just finishing the run 3 minutes faster than the last time I ran 16k is pretty good all in itself. I’m starting to think that my goal of a 2:30 half might just be attainable!

How was your long run today?

Have you ever taken part in a virtual race?


2 responses to “Virtual 10 Mile Race

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, great job!! And congrats on running to the top of the hill- it’s fun to see progress like that. I agree with you- one of the best things about the long run is the refueling and resting! 🙂 If you’d like to link your post up, the links just opened here:
    Thanks again for participating!!


  2. You’re fast! And I’m all about doing nothing after a long run.

    The last long run I did was on vacation (I’m not allowed to run long runs until after the competition.) Here’s my post:



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