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September Writing Challenge #5: Pictures of your favourite place to workout

on September 5, 2012

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today is day 5 of the September Writing Challenge and the topic is your favourite place to workout.

For my last half marathon, I did a LOT of my runs on my treadmill since my training started in the winter and I just didn’t seem to get outside until later on my schedule. The treadmill is down in our unfinished basement, and the views are less than inspiring:


If you look closely, you can see my old training schedule and mile/kilometre conversions charts taped to the vapour barrier!

Training for this half marathon, I have done all of my runs outside. I have to say, running outside is WAY better than running in my basement! My weekday runs are generally around my neighborhood, or on the trail that runs through town. I like these runs just fine, but I think my favourite place to run is up at the cottage. It is always so peaceful, I never have to fight traffic, and everyone I pass on my route waves and says hi. Plus the scenery is just gorgeous (even the hills) and nothing beats having a tall glass of ice water and staring out over the lake when I am finished. It is just so relaxing.


Thankfully, I will get one more cottage run in before the half. We will be up there for Thanksgiving. I will be in my taper then, and will have a nice 12k run to complete. The leaves should be changing and the fall colors should be beautiful. I can’t wait!

Where is your favourite place to workout?


6 responses to “September Writing Challenge #5: Pictures of your favourite place to workout

  1. Wow that is really beautiful! I think that could motivate anyone to go for a run 🙂


  2. […] right next to my treadmill in the basement (which you saw in yesterday’s post), is a full Nautilus machine that I could use if I really wanted […]


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