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The Friday Five

on September 7, 2012

The short post-Labour Day work week is over…and that can only mean it’s time for…


1.  This was my second week of hill training in my half marathon schedule.  Once again, my sister and I did our hill training together.  After a short warm up run to the hill, it was 6 trips up the hill this week.  I’m not sure if I was any faster than I was last week, but I felt stronger and did manage to complete all 6 hills without dying…barely! Here’s how my times looked this week:

Distance Time
Pace min/km
1 436m 2:50 6:31
2 426m 2:41 6:19
3 429m 2:48 6:33
4 429m 2:41 6:23
5 431m 2:52 6:39
6 428m 2:46 6:29

Check out that smokin’ fast 6:19 pace on the second hill!  In the end, with our warm up, 6 trips up and down the hill, and the cool down back to the car, we covered 6.67k in about 56 minutes.  The downhill trips are at a much slower pace as I try to recover from the hard uphill run.  That, and the fact that we are chatting away like mad as we enjoy the recovery…and I can’t talk if I run too fast, so we need to go slow so I can tell my stories!

Next week it is 7 hills.  I wonder if I can get all 7 repeats done under a 6:30 pace?  There’s a mini goal for me next week.  Hopefully I remember and run my ass off next week to achieve it!

2.  Tomorrow I am playing in the EWGA Callaway Cup at Dragon’s Fire Golf Club in Carlisle, Ontario. This is a 2 person better ball tournament.  I’m playing on a team with my friend George.  You will remember that she is my golf buddy who qualified for the EWGA Championships in Florida by winning our sectional championships a few weeks ago.  She is a very good golfer.  I am a very bad golfer.  Together we make a great team, especially in this better ball format, since I’m not really that awful of a golfer…I’m just so inconsistent and that’s what kills my score.  Every once in a while I manage to put 4 or 5 good shots together in a row…and that is just what you need for this better ball format.

In this format, each player plays their own ball and keeps their own scores.  Then handicaps are taken into consideration and each hole’s score is adjusted.  My handicap is 33.0 – yeah, I told you I was horrible!!!  Anyways, this means that I get 33 strokes over the 18 holes, and maybe even more depending on what my course handicap is…often it is adjusted up for more difficult courses.  I will likely get 2 strokes on almost every hole.  This means if I shoot a 4, with the 2 strokes, my score that will be counted is a 2.  If George shot a 4 and only gets 1 stroke, she would score a 3.  My score is lower, so for out team we would record a 2 on that hole.  Last year, for some reason, I got 3 strokes off on a par 5.  I actually got a birdie on the hole, shooting a 4.  With my 3 stokes, we got to record a 1 on that hole. That score also won us the “skin” on that hole, which earned us $120 to share.  It was very exciting!

I’m looking forward to the golf, but the weather is supposed to be horrible.  They are calling for upwards of 45mm of steady, all day, heavy rain.  That is not good weather for golf.  Hopefully the forecast will be wrong and it won’t be as bad as they say.  Fingers crossed!

3.  I think I need new running shoes.  My current shoes are starting to feel a little sloppy.  I’ve ran in them for all of my training for my last half and the race, and now I’m about half way through the schedule for this half.  Dude at the Running Room says shoes should be replaced every 600-800k or 6 months, whichever comes first.  My shoes are about 7 months old and probably pushing the km limit, so I should probably get a new pair. I am too afraid to switch to a totally new shoe, so I just keep buying the Asics Gel Nimbus and likely will continue until they do something to dramatically change the fit.  My exact shoe was on sale at the Running Room when we were there the other night…$130 instead of $189…but they didn’t have my size Sad smile  They did have them in the new season’s colour (which is hot pink and looks totally awesome and fast!!!), but I’m going to try to find last season’s at the lower price.  I’d rather keep the $60 in my pocket if I can!

                   My Current 13’s                             The new 14’s.
                                                                         Don’t they look super FAST!!!shoes 13 and 14

4.  I missed 2 runs this week. Sad smile  I didn’t plan on missing 2 runs, it just happened.  Tuesday I set my alarm to get up and run before heading into work, but there was thunder and lightning when I woke up, so I just stayed in bed.  I was going to try to run after work, but my sister needed me to babysit her kids for her so she could go to the gym for her body attack video.  So, Tuesday’s run didn’t happen.  Then I missed Thursday’s run too.  I had a massage after work and just didn’t feel in the mood to run when I got home.  Besides, getting a massage before a run just seems like a waste of money and relaxation.  I’m not going to beat myself up over these missed runs.  I’ve ben doing fairly well with my schedule and I am getting all of my long runs in without too much trouble, and to me, those are the most important ones.  18k on tap for this Sunday.  I finally get to run with my sister again, so I am looking forward to that.  I can’t believe I just said I’m looking forward to an 18k run!  I think I’m becoming a runner!

5.  I have been eating like crap this week!  Seriously, this has to be the worst week of food I have eaten in a long time.  I look back at my entries in MyFitnessPal this week and it is just terrible.  I haven’t been going way over my calorie count or anything, I’ve just been eating very poorly.  Popcorn for dinner twice this week while watching Big Brother is not good!  I will try to do better next week.  Sunday I’m going to plan out my meals, and hopefully make something that generates lots of leftovers so I will have something quick I can grab on run nights or other busy days.

That’s about it for this week.  I’m looking forward to my action packed weekend of golf, running, and whatever other fun things pop up.

I hope you all had a great week. 

Got any big plans for the weekend?  What’s your favourite running shoe?


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