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September Writing Challenge #9: Do you work out alone or with someone?

on September 9, 2012

Well, once again, my response to today’s writing challenge will deal more with running than with ‘working out”.

Up until recently, I have been doing most of the training runs on my half training schedule by myself.  I’m not a big fan of running alone.  In the past, I have had trouble with motivation and keeping moving when running alone. If I would get tired, or find a hill too hard, I would just stop running and walk.  Sometimes for no reason at all, I would slow to a walk.  Then a few weeks ago, I decided to forget about motivation and just be determined to keep moving.  This seems to be working for me.

Although I have figured out how to run by myself, I still don’t really like it as much as I enjoy running with someone else.  Lately I’ve been able to run a couple of runs with my sister, Erin…and I love it!  We have done 2 weeks of hill training and today we did our long run of 18k together.  18k is the longest run that I’ve done in this schedule, and I have to say that it was GREAT!!!  The run went well, and we had 2 hours of uninterrupted time to chat and just enjoy each other’s company.  Although she lives around the corner from me, we don’t get to spend too much time with each other.  I’m busy with work and family things; she’s busy with her family and trying to get her GoodLife Body Attack certification.  Seeing each other for runs twice a week guarantees we get a couple of good visits in each week. 

run with friends

Initially on the Running Room website we could only find a 19k route.  It was not the greatest route, and it had one killer hill that I really didn’t want to run.  We were prepared to run the 19k, but when we went into the Running Room before our run, we were talking to the woman who teaches the half clinic.  Although we don’t do the clinic, she told us of a better 18k route.  So, we headed out on the newly suggested 18k route and we had a fantastic run.  Here’s how it looked:

garmin 18k

We stuck to the 10 & 1s the whole way and I was thrilled to run even faster this week than last.  Each week I keep getting better!  I’m loving it.  I’m pretty sure it is the rest of the training- my steady runs, the hill training, and the tempo run, that are all making me a better runner.  I am starting to think that my goal of a 2:30 half is achievable.  If I can run race day like I did today, it is for sure doable!!!.  The average pace that shows there is INCLUDING the walk breaks. 

I was thrilled with my 10 minute run sessions.  My pace was pretty fast…for me at least:

10 minute lap # Lap pace min/km
1 6:55
2 7:06
3 6:57
4 6:55
5 6:56
6 6:54
7 6:49
8 6:37
9 6:49
10 7:11
11 7:06
12 7:02

Most of those 6min paces are almost at tempo pace for me…and that 6:37 is INSANE!  I think I am turning into a runner!  Wohoo!

Do you work out alone, or with someone?


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