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September Writing Challenge #10: Favourite Fitness Blogs

on September 10, 2012

It’s Day 10 of Fitness Cheerleader’s blogging challenge.  Today’s topic:  What are your 5 favourite healthy living / fitness blogs.  This is a tough one.  I’ve been reading so many blogs lately, it’s hard to pick just 5…but I’ll give it a try! 

1.  Greatist.  I’ve just recently discovered this blog/website.  It is full of amazing articles and infographics relating to health, fitness, and happiness.  They also have an A-Z guide, where they have a link to just about anything you can imagine. 

2.  Running Haiku.  This blog just makes me smile every day.  Just about every post is in the form of…you guessed it, a haiku.  Anytime I’m asked about favourite running or fitness blogs I always mention this one.  Seriously, you will laugh out loud.  Sometimes you even get to write your own haiku for a picture she posts:  check it out….I’m still trying to create my haiku to add to the others written by fellow blog readers.

3.  SkinnyTaste.  This blog has some simple and delicious recipes.  I am currently addicted to her overnight oats in a jar.  In fact, after dinner tonight I just made 2 jars of overnight oats with raspberries and blueberries.  As I went to the blog tonight to get the link, I notice she has a new overnight oats recipe…pumpkin overnight oats.  I absolutely LOVE pumpkin, so will be making the pumpkin version of these overnight oats asap! 

4.   Beautiful Body Bistro.  This blog is by Trish Blackwell, whose couch to half marathon app I used when I trained for my half marathon that I ran this past May.  The app did exactly what it said it would do…I went from sitting on the couch to running a half marathon in 12 weeks.  When I discovered the app, I also found out that Trish had this great blog where she has fitness tips, workouts, and recently has added podcasts.  I’ve downloaded all the podcasts so far, I just need to find time to listen to them! 

5.  PowerCakes.  I’m still working my way through this blog.  There are so many amazing recipes on this site.  Her “trademark” recipe is her PowerCakesa very healthy pancake that gives you "power" to get through your day! I didn’t know it, but apparently I’ve been eating my own version of a powercake for quite a while now…my favourite Oatmeal Pancake.  You can find my recipe here.

Just as I thought, choosing only 5 blogs was tough.  I can’t wait to read what blogs everyone else participating in the challenge has as their top 5.

What are your top 5 healthy living and fitness blogs?


2 responses to “September Writing Challenge #10: Favourite Fitness Blogs

  1. I’d never seen running haiku before…now I can’t stop reading it. Thanks for sharing!


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