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September Writing Challenge #18: Nike’s Greatness Ad

on September 18, 2012

It is day 18 of Fitness Cheerleader’s writing challenge, and I have to say, I am loving having all of these great topics to write about!

Today’s topic is whether this Nike ad exploits fat people.

I can see how some people might think it could be exploiting fat people, but if it does help this obviously overweight boy (he’s 12 and weighs 200lbs) get moving towards a more active lifestyle, then it will likely do more good than harm.

Doing some research into the topic, I saw an interview with Nathan (the runner) and he admitted that at one point during the shooting of the ad, he actually threw up along the side of the road.  Kind of sad that running a few hundred metres would make him feel sick enough to throw up.  I also read that he and his mother hope to keep up with exercise and eating more healthy.  Apparently, if they succeed, Nike will be back to document the changes.

I hope for Nathan’s sake, he continues along the path of exercise and healthy eating, and finds his greatness.

What do you think?  Does Nike exploit fat people with ad?  Or do you think it will inspire others to get moving and find their greatness too?


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